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Young Maria

Game Description:

You are a young pretty girl, with a good, loving family and a head, full of dreams.
Last year your father got a new job and bought a new apartment, not far from the city center. You were happy for an opportunity to find new friends and discover new places.
The city is quite big, and you will find new friends here for sure!‚Äč

I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Important note (if you play Offline version)!
You should download the Main Pics Folder to get all pics. You download that .zip file and merge the “pics” folder you found there with the “pics” folder I added to the last version .zip file

  • Online/Offline version:
  • If you want to play the Online version:
  • Extract;
  • Run the .html file
  • If you want to play the Offline version:
  • Extract;
  • Download and extract the Main Pics Folder;
  • Merge both pics folders in the game folder;
  • Run the .html file and change the version (to "Offline") in game
- Added ability to log in to SubscribeStar account to get bonuses ($5, $14, $24 tiers). All other tiers will be removed soon, but you still can use cheat codes. For some time. Also, you can use special system to log in if you are doing this from downloaded game file ("Offline YM"). - Removed all "system" tags. They were used with the (temporary) removed hygiene system. - Added test for P.E. There are three types of the test: jumping, running and playing football. All of them test your Fitness. The system takes a random number and see if your Fitness more or less than this number. Your score is based on how far your Fitness from this random number (min. -15 points, max. 15). - Added test cheat options for School. Now you can either: Tease your classmate with cleavage (15 Corruption, 1/3 answer); Let him "finger" you (30 Corruption, 2/3 answers); Jerk him off (60 Corruption, 3/3 answers). There is no Reputation or Corruption reward for doing this.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 337.86 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide