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X-Change™ Life

Game Description:

X-Change Life is a daily life Twine RPG based in a universe where it’s normal to take over-the-counter,
gender swapping pills that last 24 hours (or more).​

  • Extract and run the HTML.
  • If you're installing a patch file, simply extract and copy the contents of the patch over your existing directory.
This update is the first of my batch of progression updates - see the roadmap for what's next!
  • A new set of randomized male NPCs – your coworkers! Every new game will generate 10 of them (out of a pool of 30 overall), and they have a wide variety of personality traits. You can talk to them both while male and female. Current interactions with them (there will be more):
    • They can offer job advice (depending on their rank and personality type, it might be either good or bad advice)
    • Small talk – raise your friendship level with them – and yes there is a full relationship tracker for each of them!
    • Gripe about work – the lazy ones will love this and feel closer to you, whereas ambitious ones or executive types won’t.
    • And of COURSE, when you’re female:
      • You can flirt with them if you choose
      • They’ll make comments about your appearance and outfit
      • They’ll ask for blowjobs and sex like normal random NPCs, offering you leads in return – the higher the employees rank, the better the leads they might give you.
      • They can ask to be fuckbuddies, but at the moment I haven’t really made the fuckbuddy interactions unique. So don’t expect too much extra flavor text until a bit later.
      • Among other things!
  • Subscribers voted, I listened! I've now added the GoodGirl Petite sales demo. It's unlockable after making some sales.
  • There’s a new workplace reputation system. Choose the path of being more professional, and you’ll be treated as such by your coworkers. But the more demos you let devolve into sexual situations, or offers of leads for blowjobs/sex you take up, the more your workplace sexual reputation might increase. There are numerous effects to this reputation, to make your life a little more difficult:
    • If your sexual reputation is high, there is a small chance you’ll get spiked with a pill in the office – someone might drop one in your coffee, along with another few similar scenarios. Depending on your intellect you may be able to avoid it (there are 20 scenarios, and each one requires a different intellect level).
    • Coworkers will approach you at your desk, if your reputation is high enough, in between sales.
    • You can get randomly groped, once your reputation is high enough.
    • The higher your reputation is as a slut, the less likely guys are going to be to give up in propositioning you at the office.
    • A lot of other little effects.
  • Note that if you get caught while having sex, your reputation will get even more sexual, so you’re extra motivated to not get caught.
  • Added leads as a resource:
    • Leads are no longer unlimited and totally random. You can have Cold, Warm, Qualified, Opportunities, and Whales. The better the lead, the more the chance that its going to be a high-value sale.
    • You get distributed leads once a week, which is based on your rank at the workplace. You’re not gonna see any Opportunities or Whales until you rank higher in the company.
    • NPCs get leads just the same way as you do – if you sleep with a junior colleague, he will probably not have the best leads to give you, although he might be more easy to please than a higher-up.
    • Cold leads are more likely to lead to demos. Meaning when you start out, you'll be doing more demos than you will later on.
  • Integrated McLurkington’s wonderful mod, “Performance Review”, allowing you to negotiate higher commission, base pay, et cetera. And doing some ‘under the table’ convincing. Note that blowing your boss will also affect your reputation.
  • Added workplace ranks. You can ask for promotions every few days, based on the number of sales you’ve made. The higher your rank, the better the leads you’ll get.
    • Ranks: Rookie, Junior, Intermediate, Specialist, Account Manager, Senior Salesperson, Team Lead, Sales Director, Senior Sales Director
  • Added upgradable desks – this is based on the $ value of your current sales. Go to the facilities manager to ask for a desk upgrade (you can chat with him from the break room)
  • Added chat options with Drew – at the moment he can only really sell you Warm and Warm High-Volume leads. He can also give you tips and stuff.
  • Added a notice board – each day, there might be a sales incentive to sell a specific brand of product (WANGL, InstaGirl, SWP). You’ll make more money if you sell the product being incentivized that day.
  • Added a gift shop at the mall, where you can buy expensive items like watches, that can buff stats.
  • Added Color palettes so you don’t have to look at the pink background all the time. This was pretty hard to achieve, and there are only certain values it can change. There’s also a reactive color palette that is pink while you’re female, and dark blue while you’re male.
  • Added experimental Sex Toy Integration via ButtPlug.io. This is quite primitive at the moment. Ignore it for now unless you’re really technically savvy and feel like messing around. Eventually the goal is to get sex toys to sync up to the minigames.
  • Added positive effects for having sex with women, that last into the following day. So if you want to maximize your sales as a guy, go out and bang a hot chick at the bar the night before, it'll boost your confidence!
  • Spend enough time at the beach as a girl, and you'll get a relaxtation status that lasts for a while too. Hopefully sleazy guys don't try to hit on you while you're out just getting some sun, that would be inconsiderate!
  • Heel-walking sound effects.
  • Added like 20 outfits.
  • Added a MacOS app version of the mod loader
  • Added squeezing-your-fat-ass-into-jeans animations for certain characters.
  • Technical upgrades to Harlowe Audio Library.
  • Technical fixes for core Harlowe engine – upgraded to latest.
  • So many bugfixes! Dozens and dozens. This should be a fairly stable release. Hopefully.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 5.93 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).