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Wicked Island

Game Description:

Adult open world survival with sex defeat system.
Combat horny monsters, Craft and upgrade your gear, unlock pet monsters and upgrade them for more sex animations.‚Äč

  • Extract and run.
27 new morphs, mainly for face shaping Character Customization preset saving/loading to json files, values can be tweaked in files easily as well Lipstick color and opacity sliders 3 new eye colors Pubic hair options 1 New skin texture Grass/foliage interaction for player and npc's Automatic resolution scaling option under graphical settings New water material (not the one posted earlier, it was too heavy on performance :( ) Added Wolf pets throughout the full map, they can be added as companions and will grow up and get stronger the longer they remain with the player, can be named Added dragons that can be ridden after completing a quest for them, can also breath fire on enemies (OP as of now as they cant be damaged while flying) Added more idle animations for all enemies Added tattoo system Added pickable rocks and branches Grass will be hidden below player during scenes added water interaction for lakes (not for ocean as of yet) added censor option in settings, enables for posting to youtube/streaming Added ink station as craftable object, used to add tattoos Caves are now inhabited by a new enemy, vampires/bats! Added wereboar enemies Added tutorial messages based on what the player is doing Temperature system depending on weather/location with corresponding debuffs Added tutorial messages for rage, pregnancy, birth World coordinates as an option to toggle (settings) Masturbating close to enemies will now trigger sex scenes Changed Removed 10 hairstyles that was of lower quality Changed hair material to work better with hair tip/root color options Enabling Nvidia DLSS will not automatically set the resolution scaling to the recommended percentage Heavily optimized NPC code and disabled most code from running when far from player/outside of player view Player wont move around as much when zooming in during character creation Lots of optimization of foliage and environment Improved werewolf ragdolling on death Rescaled some smaller enemies to make them easier to hit Tools/spears now use branches instead of wood for crafting Grass will be hidden around/under building pieces (some pieces might still poke through but most should dissapear) Tweaked animations for running with tools reduced blood decal brightness Added bigger stat boost for food Reduced camera lag when dashing forward Tweaked skin shaders for all humanoid creatures Optimized shadow distance of the sun/moon Loot containers now simulate physics Added mage light to starter chest at the beach Increased time before AI turns aggressive after scene to 30s from 10s Increased size of grass hidden during scenes replaced compass and aligned it correctly towards north/south Replaced carrot model Changed distance some foliage appears at to prevent it easily fading in Increased Pet max move speed Added branches to Conifer biome Added dragon input remapping Replaced all ore models Fixed Dying twice in a row sometimes don't display "you died" menu Fixed hair not having materials Isabell's quest should now work Making steel and black steel should now work Tents can be placed Death sounds of some enemies not respecting volume sliders Bronze armor no longer hide nipples Breast vounce disabled for metal armors Music in main menu now respect volume sliders Fixed interaction text too far to the left Clock/compass now starts as hidden by default like they should and can be toggled in settings Wolf no longer rubberbands when moving Cum no longer in incorrect spot Durability of weapon should not go down for unarmed attacks Critical attacks on non organics should no longer lead to blood splashes Character morphs transferring over from previous characters hopefully fixed for the 5th time.. Buffs/debuffs not giving the proper effect Dash not always moving the same distance Ground pound now working Player character showing up randomly in the world as "Survivor" Buildings should no longer disable spawning of NPC's/friendlies/wildlings Werewolf painting reference issue (painting 3 resulted in painting 2) Grit potion now adds 1 grit point Regret potion now terminates pregnancy Demons should no longer slaughter all other factions/eachother Sex journal now works correctly Status effects not being removed Ability to crawl super fast after scenes end Wereboars dropping incorrect dicks Enemy should turn aggressive more quickly when approached Loading preset morphs Desert material now sounds like sand and produce footprints Iron now spawns on conifer biome as intended Leaving the mage tower will now put the player next to the portal Line going through lake No longer needs to go through finish quest before mounting dragon Should no longer fall through ground in cellar below castle Lockpicks should now be craftable at workbench Points of interest should no longer trigger multiple times Waystone discoveries should be kept on game load Foundations can now be stacked again (as in v0.7), same for triangle foundations Followers turning aggressive after load Known issues Mining stone works inconsistently, sometimes damage numbers show but no rocks are given to player/damage not applied to rock. Try hitting from a different angle as a workaround (for now) Swimming animation is dorky Swimming in the ocean does not use the waves height to determine player location/water level Leather skirt clips a lot steel loin cloth physics not working Sharp stone not working to equip attacks register multiple times (spear is way OP) red marks sometimes appear above enemies briefly Softlock not working Fiber/flowers/plants might not respawn properly Pubic hair color picker not working Teleporting bears?
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 6.04 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).