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Wet Summer Days

Game Description:

Spiritual successor of Night Attack ~ In development, bigger project

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "wet summer days.exe" to start playing.
- Rain mechanics
  • All clothes are now wettable
  • Light and heavy rain
  • Visual particles
  • Sound effects
  • Random chance of rain after the 14th day
  • Fireflies don't show in heavy rain
  • Mizuki won't stay out in heavy rain if not excited
  • Couple of talk lines added
  • Mizu can change into dry clothes
- Japanese translation implemented (switch in settings menu) - Some fondle interactions when she's standing will bring her only to a certain excitement level - Mizu won't swap clothes when going outside (so for example she can be seen in her pajama or towel) - Mizu will wear her costume if player brings her to town at night (with costume unlocked) - Fixed dress not showing transparent when wet and raised - Other bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 247.3 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

Browser Version

Hints (spoilers!)
- During Drinking Contest wet Mizuki's clothes by throwing a bottle to her full glass in order to get her to excitement level 2. Then you can touch her under the kotatsu without triggering game over.
- Player can masturbate under the table as well as receive footjob if Mizuki is at excitement level 3.
- Make sure Mizuki is at excitement level 2 or above after the contest in order to trigger her masturbation scene in the bathroom.
- When pee bar fills trigger ecchi scenes by making sure Mizuki is at excitement level 2+.

Controls (LMB = Left Mouse Button):
Drinking Contest
Hold LMB/Z – Hold bottle/glass
Hold RMB/X – Pour water/drink
LMB+RMB/C – Enter throw mode

Peeping Game
Hold LMB/Z – Hide
RMB – Leave

H Events
Hold LMB/Z – Short thrust
Hold RMB/X – Long thrust

Debug keys:
Right/Left – Increase/decrease Mizuki's excitement; hold shift for player's
Up/Down – Increase/decrease Mizuki's bladder; hold shift for player's
Ctrl+Right/Left – Increase/decrease Mizuki's affection
Ctrl+Up/Down – Increase/decrease Ecchi Coins
1 – Go to Water Drinking Contest scene
2 – Go to Corridor room, teleport Mizuki to Bathroom
Shift+2 – Go to Living room, teleport Mizuki Outside
Ctrl+2 – Go to Bathroom with Mizuki
3 – Go to Living room at night-time
4 – Go to Town street
0 – Go to Main Menu
F1 – End contest/end countdown
F2 – Cycle Mizuki's expressions during cutscenes
F3 – Cycle Mizuki's clothes sets
F11 – Show hide FPS
F12 – Toggle full-screen