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We Embraced Temptation

Game Description:

This is an adult game with a focus on character and story development. The game allows you, the player to discover a story about a household that includes one male (protagonist) and three other females who have just moved into a new (and quite large!) home left in their care by an elderly woman. As the player you will have a hand in the interactions whether positive or negative that unfold as you explore and learn about the other characters. The stories and events herein are driven by the choices you make.

  • Extract and run.
===== This update focused on player and other characters interactions throughout the house. Such as chores which Victoria alluded to during the tutorial. With the Characters, the Player character is also on a rotation of chores. This is a foundation (or bones) to increase Player and Character statistical points at a basic level with plans to add additional activities/outcomes as development continues. The blonde from the tutorial is also returning with more details below. Players can now choose a name for themselves as well. I would also like to state tracking the NPC's via the map will be removed once I've created and implemented all interactions in the house. It is intended to be an upgradeable feature at a later time. I will provide this notification on every update leading up to its removal and implementation as an upgrade within the game. That being said; due to the variety of activities planned for the characters, they may not appear on the map or otherwise unavailable until fully implemented. I apologize as this breaks immersion and causes interactions to appear sparse, however I've decided to have the characters blip off the map instead of you running into a bunch of "WIP" signs for scenes and events not yet ready both in visuals and writing. In some cases you can still interact within these area's (limited), there just won't be any visuals. I had considered removing Player interaction as well for unfinished interactions but at best it might unbalance the game into a negative spiral of Victoria being upset (Mood) with you if you were assigned something that is inaccessible. I've listed below what has been implemented so far under the "Activities added for NPC's and Player" section. As a way to make things easier to engage in the scenes that are ready, I've temporarily added a magical tracking ability in the Task window that will help direct you to where the implemented scenes can be found. If nothing is populated under the task "Psychic Pulse", it just means an implemented visual scene cannot be found. They will still move around the house as described above. New:
  • Images - 296 new images - 200 new scenes - 96 graphics of characters visible in rooms
  • Dialogue - 4,400 words - 461 lines of dialogue
  • Trashcan has been relocated to the Kitchen Hall
  • Rename Character - A prompt to rename the Player has been added to the beginning of the game.
    • For this update a prompt will also appear when loading a save file for the first time if the player wants to change their name immediately.
  • Function added to Player bedroom. Player can now access the computer - the laptop to the right of the monitor on the desk. Limited functionality at this time.
    • The computer in bedroom will have two options available under the Special category: Player can rename the main character. Player can change their relation to the other Character's.
Activities added for Character's and Player:
  • Victoria and Alex may want some private time in their rooms (to masturbate). They may also lock their doors for privacy (50% chance).
  • Shower scenes
  • Clean dishes, Clean room: Victoria's bedroom, Clean room: Alex's bedroom, Clean room: Your bedroom, Clean room: Study
  • Blonde girlfriend (from the tutorial) has a name now, Bridget. She may contact you on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday asking to visit. She can visit and stay overnight on Saturdays.
  • Being Creepy: Characters will not like it if you are pushy or if you are caught spying on them. This is not a blanket effect if you are caught, each character will be creeped out individually during normal circumstances. Things considered creepy: Barging into the bathroom while it is occupied - Asking to enter the bathroom even after you learn it is occupied - Getting caught watching someone masturbate
    • Abnormal circumstances: Having another person in your group will change the situation and have different outcome (or consequence).
  • If you are acting creepy the females are more likely to lock doors to rooms they are in such as bathrooms and their bedrooms. They will slowly forgive you after going to bed each night. Forgiveness may take 1-3 nights depending on how creepy you've been. The plan with future updates; Creepy mechanic will scale down as relationship increases until eventually they will not care.
  • UI - Hideous UI has been slightly upgraded. UI is clearly not my forte if you could not tell. Current location, Energy, Day, Date and Time have all been relocated to a top bar. If you had a save midway through the tutorial, the UI might be missing. Clicking on any Look Around (magnifying glass icon on the navigation panel) will refresh it. I'll revise/develop the UI as updates release.
    • Maps of the house have been replaced (with a much higher quality!).
    • A changing Icon for time of day has replaced the clock icon. The new icon will reflect Sun rising, Day, Sun setting and Night.
    • Slight adjustment to stat increase/decrease notifications - They will last a little longer on the screen.
    • Arousal increase notifications recolored
  • Extensive combing of the games code to eliminate references to the original static name of the player character. Formerly known as Lucas which is now only a default name. References should now correctly reflect the players input of name in all instances.
  • Hotkeys are now functioning where they were intended to be available in the game. These will only function while the navigation/look around panels are visible.
    • List of hotkeys: Contacts = C [] Events (Calendar) = E [] Inventory = I [] Map = M [] Tasks = T [] Wait = W
  • Opening the map will default to the current floor you are on. As a safeguard if it does not, the game will correct itself the first time you move up or down a floor within the house.
  • Corrected Tasks button on phone to be the notepad icon instead of the calendar.
  • Calendar button now links correctly to the Time and Events menu. Although the menu itself is still a work in progress at this time.
  • Information in Time and Events help section has been updated to be more clear.
  • Cleaned up text disparity in several menus.
  • The phone is enabled a few frames later during the tutorial than it was originally due to a potential conflict it could cause.
  • In some special circumstances the sleep button was available before intended. It is no longer available before speaking to Isabella and Francesca to finish the night and Tutorial.
  • Sometimes NPC phantoms would appear in some locations where the navigation panel reflects someone is there, while the map clearly shows they are not. This should no longer occur.
  • Error discovered in first floor bathroom when attempting to wash hands. Although the sink is out of order in another way, the error itself has been fixed.
  • Error discovered in Alex's bedroom when selecting Wait and then never mind.
  • General code cleanup.
Known Issues:
  • Characters calling you [p1] should now correctly call you baba ganoush. Correction of correction, they should now call you by the default name of Lucas or the name you enter. This issue was a result of a typo and may still occur if you had the family_friendly_patch installed. The file has been updated to correct the issue from that side as well so it will need to be downloaded and installed again.
  • Rarely the Player will not visually transition into a room correctly (scene change). This is due to another Character in that room under a very specific scenario. Once time passes and the Character leaves the room movement functions as normal. This will be resolved as their content is updated.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 407.7 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide