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Game Description:

VH34 is a free collection of adult art parody sandbox experiences. We create environments, generic animations, voicework, and game elements that allow users to import their own custom characters into our games.​

  • VH34 requires just a few steps to setup....download mods (.vsf files) from third parties, put them in a specific folder, then download and run the game.
  • To run the game, make sure you have .vsf mod files for each girl downloaded. Community creators like anomander have a pre-release toolkit that they have used to create mod packs (.vsf files) for this game:
  • http://anomanderrakevrmodels.tumblr.com/ is one of the community creators.
  • This toolkit allows some content creators to package their characters into a .vsf (or virtual sex file) for use with VH34.
  • (Put all of the .vsf mod files in in C:/VH34COMMUNITYGIRLS/ Just create the directory and drag them in there)
  • Next, download the run the game in any directory on your computer.
  • And for now, if you wish to use mods, please try running the app with all mods installed at once to minimize issues. VH34 is very unstable without mods, since we expect you to find some.
  • Experiences and Filenames -
  • Ass Relay - A generic spaceship experience with a sexy junior officer. Compatible characters must be named assRelayCommunityModUnofficial.vsf
  • College Witch - A generic fantasy experience with a sexy college sorceress Compatible characters must be named collegeWitchCommunityModUnofficial.vsf
  • She's Got a Dragon - A more mature sorceress in a low fantasy setting. Make sure you bring one sword for monster, one for humans, and another for her.
Features (General): HTC Vive Movement Improvement as Requested: Several new ways to move the camera; You can now switch between 'move' and 'rotation' and 'height' modes for the camera for more precise positioning. Ship AI Voice has been replaced by a real voice actress Features (Ass Relay): New primitive ANAL prototype (Sustainers Only ($5+) For now) ass relay moaning was pretty fake, replaced and sounds less porny now [fuck her harder] no longer annoyingly repositions you doing AR missionary Features (College Witch): Option to skip intro Substantial Quality Pass: New moaning sounds, less cheesy, more realistic. New clothing - jeans New Skirt-Down Masturbation Sequence (Sustainers Only ($5+) For now) College Witch now has a revised intro and new animations - she sits by the fire and chats with you a bit with lots of new dialogue. Some of these animations are going to be reworked but we're slowly approaching the story we want on our very limited budget College Witch: fixed weird dick bouncing during handjob to be more realistic 'Talking' Animation system has replaced some of the placeholder 'talking' animations for the dialogue during blowjob and it looks less janky now and more like she's actually talking. New alternate Animation System allows us to sequence real, properly synced conversations instead of just simple a/b loops or a/b/c state machines. Mouth movements aren't synced 1:1 and we need to more than quadruple our funding before we reliably pump out that quality but CW now syncs up better with her audio for several animations. College Witch has lots of extra audio during various sex acts Way better settings for animation during handjob and missionary - she actually talks at regular speed, not in slow motion, and jerks you off faster. Better insertion positioning for missionary, less clipping, more realistic. When you fuck her on the table, you do a lot more damage to the scenery, like knocking books over and stuff. For more fun and carnage, these are restored when you exit missionary sex and come back!
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 442.45 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide