Unexpected Adventure porn xxx game download cover

Unexpected Adventure

Game Description:

Catching some tail on an airplane, a sweet BJ from a female prison guard, your skeleton buddy talking you into filming anal porn with an elf-girl, and a motherfucking Ninja Chicken all await you in this magnificent new game from Macadam! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (mostly from laughing) and you may even decide to fap!‚Äč

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "UnexpectedAdventure.exe" to start playing.
- almost 300 renders in chap2 (i deleted a big bunch of them i considered useless, they didnt added anything important) - a small bunch of postcards (CG sex pics) - a new "patrons" screen (((i want to mention that every patrons will be notified in the game FOREVER after they pledge for 1 time ( after payement confirmed, just to avoid spamm ing random name). also i very think about changing my patreon to "pay per release".. as i doubt i will keep the monthly release of update later when the game grow big. (the bigger = the more time), also i will not be very active next month (august), due to personnal vacacion + Dota 2 international (i not play, but i m fan :p). thats gonna take me lots of time.))) - the setting option for choose between both fonts . ( customo = custom font , classico = standard renpy font) you can change the font anytime, anywhere in the game by using the game menu. - the game have been proof read twice !! wich mean the english is way better than before. nontheless, its possible that some typos or grammar erros may have slipped through. so please excuse any possible error ( i sadly dont have time to heavily check :/) , but at least, its should be way better than before. - i fixed lots of renders that where super grainy. they shouldnt be now. nontheless, its possible that if you play on huge resolution 4K or else, they appear grainy or bad. sorry :/ i m not pro and game quality isnt on the render for sure :p (wait ? is this game have quality ?... i m not even sure lol). - game contain sentence in others languages.. such as japanese or else. dont be crazy, this is competly intended . nothing important , just some small dials to show the origin/voice of the chars. - the game containt a scene that can be "SHOCKING" for some peoples.... please.. please remember its just a game and its all about fun,humour and wtf. dont feel offensed AT ALL while playing this game. it is not the intention AT ALL to offend anybody. take everything from this game with humour and non serious. (you will understand what i mean by that when you reach the scene.... trust me.. XD) also, i highly recommend you to make saves before choices. the coices lead to different small story that you will miss and maybe not understand the following . dont hesitate to replay with the other option. remember, they are no bad choices in this game. soo, experiment alots! ^^
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 515.7 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).