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Traveler Inn Tales

Game Description:

Traveler Inn Tales is a fantasy ARPG game where you recruit female companions to clear dungeons and strengthen the bonds between each other. With enough time, your companions can become your lovers…However, your rival can also “steal” them if you’re not careful enough. The game features 13 heroines with their own story scenes, backstories, and sex scenes, over 2200 images, a fast-paced dungeon crawler minigame, and a rival system to fight for your companions’ affection.​

  • Extract and run.
New Features Heroine Locking Once the player has viewed the fourth scene of a heroine, the player will be able to choose whether Chad can seduce her or not, it is off by default and can be toggled on when interacting with her on the first floor of the inn. Rival Scenes 570+ CG images and 48000 words of dialogue will be added to the game, each heroine will have an additional 4 stages of progression focused on the rival. Depending on the player's progression with the heroine, the scene would differ and some heroines may not even sleep with Chad at all! Night peeking There will be more peeking scenes on Chad's door if he manages to seduce a heroine to his bed, we've added an additional 58 CG images, each corresponding to the heroine currently in Chad's room. New Rival System The old rival system will be replaced by a new system that prevents Chad from sleeping with a heroine in the first week. This time both sides have to raise a heroine's affection to 20 with their own methods. The amount of affection Chad can give to a heroine depends on the difficulty, we've also added some additional options for the player to reduce Chad's affection towards heroines as well. Guild Nun Scenes As requested by one of our Chad Supporters for months, we've added 4 scenes for the Guild nun Helena, each one is unlocked after purchasing a certain amount of Gold crosses. Other Miscellaneous Changes/Twerks
  • Reduced prices for the guild store
  • Raised Affection added for Gifts: Silver Ingot = +3, Amber Piece = +6, Blue Diamond = +10
  • Chad's room is blacked out for now to encourage peeking.
  • In certain dungeon rooms, you can chat with heroines to decrease Chad's affection towards them
  • Changed the requirements for stripping and kissing during inn sex to be based on the heroine's progression
  • Gold crosses cost gold instead of outlaw badges, 2000 on Hard, 1000 on Normal and Easy
  • Gold Crosses remaining at 20 across all difficulties
  • Gold crosses can only be used when on the first floor of the inn, upon use it resets a heroine's affection for Chad to zero.
  • Edited some of the heroine's first intercourse CG to have a little blood during deflowering
  • Removed the Among Us reference
The Hotfix contain: Fixed the bug where heroines reject sex after reaching the 4th scene Fixed Alexia sex scene sound bug Fixed "Invite to bath" option Fixed Sofia Locking bug Slightly reduced Chad's obsession on Alice while in the inn
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.84 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

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