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Titans University

Game Description:

Titans University is a parody 3D Dating sim game with a real-time day/night system game set in the DC Universe. After a possession spell goes wrong you play as a corrupted superhero, already known as the most powerful man on Earth 6969. Take control of Titans University as Terrific and interact with several characters from DC Comics who have come to the University for varying reasons. Expand your control over both the heroes and heroines who attend and eventually the world!‚Äč

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "Titans_University.exe" to start playing.
  • Dialogue Manager update, much faster speed of dialogue changes in the background
  • Added text speed for intro. This won't change much as most are tied to the animation playing
  • Full live streaming system
  • New scene/location for Raven
  • New keyword system to track all in-game variables
  • 50+ animations added for live streaming
  • 100+ randomly generated text for live streaming
  • 3 jobs added (only daily money rate/schedule affected for waitress and barista in current build)
  • Live Streaming system, can be accessed by setting Raven's job to "Streamer" in the work tab when calling her to the office. This is a full streaming environment with randomized interactions with users
  • 3 jobs can be set, waitress and barista are only for making money and changing Raven's schedule. Schedules can also be set directly in the University Management tab
  • Added new song for streaming scene, if you don't want music it can be turned off in the settings menu and saved
  • Updated UI for intro scenes
  • Dialogue Manager update should increase the speed of interactions and choice processing
Known Bugs:
  • Some streaming animations will jitter/not play the full animation, I'll be fixing that in the next update
  • A lot of animations in this one, so if you see any specific animation not playing let me know
  • This Dialogue Manager update took much longer than expected, it deleted several of my UIs that I had to rebuild. If there is any missed functionality let me know
  • The introduction is the main story right now, with an open sandbox after completion. There is a first-call dialogue that happens, the next phase is going to lean heavily into character interactions to progress with characters
  • Character schedules can be set to several states during the day. The default schedule is "Class/Lunch/Training". This can be changed from the university management panel, you can still call Raven to your office at any time, it will take some time from certain locations.
Schedule listed below: Class - Several classes that change Raven's stats. She will also take some time to get to the office from her classes. Lunch - No stat change but noted as a location that she is in Training - Raven will be scheduled to visit your office Work - Raven will be at work during this period. She cannot be called to the office unless she is taken off the work schedule Free - Free randomized schedule where Raven will choose her day based on what she needs/wants to do. If her grade is getting low, there's a chance she will go to the library, or visit you and request to study (there are multiple request types added as well). Each location is tracked
  • As usual let us know if you find any major bugs or game breaking content!
Next Update:
  • The random generation options and the huge amount of animations in this update took a lot out of me, for the next update I'm going to work on fixing up a couple things in the game already
  • I'm planning on finally making all the emotions and daily routine actually matter (which should be important in a simulation game) so after a month break I'll get to work on that. A bit of code refactoring can also be done and I'll have a bit of an easier time setting up future character settings. I'll admit I made a bit of spaghetti code with this update so I am planning on cleaning up anything I find.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 439.0 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).