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The Twist

Game Description:

You are a young male live in a peaceful town with your mom and older sister. Your father almost never stays at home as he is busy making money to keep his family happy and stays outside of the town. One day you have woke up at night and heard that your mother and father are quarreling and came to know that your mother and sister are not really blood related. So there you have it, A busty stepmom who is depressed in her sex life and a confused older sister who is wondering about the meaning of “anal”. It is your turn to figure out their problems and help them. In the way of helping them, you meet your sexy teacher who is cheating on her husband and another busty milf next door who may help you to find your real parent if you “satisfy” her.

All the models are rendered realtime. you can move your camera to watch the scene in different angle.

  • Extract and run.
- 1 big scene with all the characters. - 8 "talking" scenes - 1 more scenes added to "Diary" - Characters that received updates: - All the ladies and Billy - Updated locations: -Jason's room -Living room -Pool -Kitchen -Danielle's house -Rachel's house -Emma's house -Classroom -Hospital -Michelle's house
  • This is a Real Time 3D game and requires a decent GPU to render smoothly, Intel HD 630 is recommended as minimum. Try lowering the resolution if experience stutters.
  • Use 16:9 aspect ratio screen resolutions (such as 1280x720, 1920x1080 and so on) to avoid issues.
  • Some users experience pink/magenta glitch in the game. This is caused by old/low-end graphics cards. A hardware upgrade is recommended.

Walkthrough and Guide

Phone password: Rick

Crack: Mega

Walkthrough: MEGA - FILEKNOT