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The Island

Game Description:

The Island, depicts the adventure of Olivia, a young woman who ends up castaway with her friends on a strange and mysterious deserted island. Subjected to a supernatural force that alters sanity, the group is slowly regressing into madness, toward a primitive animalistic state. Will Olivia and her friends manage to escape the Island and uncover the shroud of mysteries around it?

The Island is an adult 2D “Old School” RPG-inspired game with a survival, crafting, investigation and stealth mechanism, including many CG cutscenes and multiple ending scenarios.‚Äč

  • Extract and run.
NEW FEATURES: - Added a new small map for story purpose - Added all the missing dialogues - Added the temple interior maps and NPCs - New encounter type based introduced to the game. It's the 1st step toward supernatural encounters - Add a new scene tied to the new encounter type system - Added the main story dialogues to the NPCs place holders - Added a new vendor to the Guardian Village. New items will be added with story development. - Added a new map with a hidden camp including a fast travel WP in the eastern jungle - Added the Guardian Coastal Village map - Added the Wild Jungle map area. This area includes a new resource to trade with the guardians - Added the Poppy Flower item - Added the Forgotten Grove map to the Hills of Discord - Added the Hatchet item to the game - Added the Harpie's feather item to the game - Added new NPC related to the new content - Added a function to the Camp script to check if a specific survivor is part of the Camp girl pool. - Added new maps to the South-Eastern Shore area - Added the MQ2's story conclusion map - Created the render for the last "boss" for the MQ2 - Added Dean's dialogue to the game - The MQ2 map 3 is pretty much completed and balanced including a lot of minigames and features BUGS FIX, QOL AND TWEAKS: - Fix an issue that was preventing the chasm event from being exited when successfully crossing the gap on the makeshift bridge. - Fix a visual bug to show Olivia walking the log during the chasm event - Balanced the difficulty of certain QTE - Fix some pathing issues with the Sacred Serpend Map - Fix a bug with the Guardian in charge of the ferry between the swamp area and the eastern jungle area - Added a CG and adjusted the Eldrich parasite event - Fix a coordinate bug when taking the stairs to the inner sanctum - Fix a coordinate bug after returning by boat to the swamp from the eastern map - Moved a NPC that was blocking the PC after the bull event when the Hills of Discord camp quest is completed - Moved some "repair the camp minigame" event icons to a more obvious place on the map - Added a new quest to orient the player to the next step after completing the Hills of Discord camp quest - Fix an issue with some missplaced tiles on specific maps - Added a few fixes to the bed roll item to prevent the menu from popping up. Hopefully, this will fix the issue - Added a few checks when using the bed roll to remove some effects such as berry jam and etc. - Replaced the place holder dialogues with actual revised dialogues for the 1st pink flower related event - Added a new quick start waypoint taking place right after ending the Hills of Discord camp main quest - Fix a bug preventing Olivia from extracting toxins after purchasing a sample kit - Fix an issue where Olivia couldn't know the sugarcane recipe when starting from the Hills of Discord camp or after this point. - Set the minimum yield of milk gathered from lactating women to 1 during the camp mini-game. - It's now possible for Olivia to bypass the Primal Regression level requirement to give in to sucking the sleeping muscular roamer in the rainforest when Easy Mode is enabled. - Adjusted the sleeping event to remove some left over effects on the PC - Adjusted the captions for missing states - The tile representing a hatchet-accessible area has been changed to be more intuitive - Fixed a few pathing issues on various maps - Fixed the "fix the camp mini-game" in Hills of Discord Camp. Now each hammer gives + 1 to a camp condition (up to 5). - Fixed an exploit that would allow a player to trade pineapples for camp resources without costing said pineapple. - Disabled the debugging plugin - The clause has been changed to a conditional that checks whether Olivia is carrying the hatchet in her bag. With this, it is not mandatory to equip a hatchet to open blocked paths that require one. - Balancing : reduced the spawn timer on the succubus imp - Balancing : reduce the flying dick respawn timer - Balancing : The well in the MQ2 can only be used once now - Fix some conditional issue that was showing the wrong protagonist in dialogues - Climbing speed for the vines on the Hills of Discord map has been improved (3x more faster!) - Improved pathing for the GH minigame at the water temple to encourage the NPC to move toward the sealed activator once satisfied
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.98 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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