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Take That Succubus!

Game Description:

“a long time ago, thanks to the heroic deeds of a hero led by angels,
a long war between humans and succubi ended with the humans victorious, after such events,
humans slowly stopped believing in angels since they no longer made their appearance.
With the angels growing weaker and weaker due to a lack of human faith,
humans no longer have such strong protection against succubus’s, that’s where succubus attacked once again,
setting a curse on the earth and making the people behave in an oddly horny way,
their objective now is a boy with a special kind of semen named Alex,
will he be able to resist the advances of the horny girls? or will he just let himself get dominated?”‚Äč

  • Install RTP for RPGM VX ACE (if required)
  • Extract and run.
BUGFIXES AND ADJUSTMENTS: - Modified the ACT QTE so that it punishes the players for pressing the wrong button. - Tuned the ACT QTE time to 180. - Changed another Charming Femboy's move so the game doesn't call him "she". - Changed Scarlet's "Feet Show" attack from a physical attack to a special one because it makes more sense. - Changed Frost's "Foot Stench" attack from a physical attack to a special one because it makes more sense. - Went trough the entire writing of the game and changed every "succubusses" into "succubi" since it's most commonly used (please report if I missed some). - Made so Sissy isn't weak to psychic type moves anymore. - Made so Midnight and Lullaby are only weak to holy element in their first fight. - Now moves that miss the enemy due to less than 100% accuracy, do not say "it had no effect" anymore, saying "the enemy avoided the attack" instead. - Changed Midnight's erotic move's struggle method for phase 2 and 3, now it uses FOCUS QTE instead of STRUGGLE QTE on increasing difficulties the more the player fails to escape it (the event as always loops on phase 3). - Changed Armpit's Smell's animation a little bit. - Changed Skull's name in the first optional battle against her from ??? to "Skull" since I still reveal her name in her dialog. - Made so Effect type Orbs now have their own description instead of a variation of the ones made for the attacking ones, this was made so the player better understands their purpose. - Changed the icon for the succubus dream's Mental Defense 's S.Def buff, it's now showing the correct one. - Fixed prey events for seduction and teasing having 1/4 chance where nothing happens and prey attempts do not decrease. - Fixed a bug where people can easily make the Dreams Danger rach negative numbers by praying with no Dreams Danger bars, causing the keyboard image to disappear since it's dependant on the Dreams danger. - Made so after Stage 4, Beer and Orange Soda are avabile at the Friendly Market. - Changed Gelid Wind's description text a little bit. - Fixed the exploration mode's Orbs loot so that Gelid Wind isn't taking an extra slot, changed the last Orbs loot slot with Falling Sword. - Disallowed the use of the cancel keyboard input to respond Yes/No questions to deny the game to accidentally decide "No" while skipping text. - Removed Q2FsbGll. ADDITIONS: - Added a new QTE called Focus. - Added 1 more stage with 4 enemies included. - Added 1 boss. - Added a few lines of dialogs that get randomized at the start of each and every fight (except bosses who get only one possible dialog). - Added a trap system where the player may stumble upon a mischievous temptation or a sudden grab upon walking forward during a level. - Added Atatalai Pub. - Added a way to sell items in Atatakai Pub.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 634.8 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).