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Summertime Saga

Game Description:

Set in a small suburban town, a young man just entering college is struck by the death of his father. Mysterious circumstances surrounding the death are only the beginning of his adventures as he learns that his father was in debt to a group of shady criminals. Adding to the list of problems, our young hero needs to save enough money for his college semester and find a date for prom night!‚Äč

  • Extract the compressed file to an specific folder.
    (WinRAR is not reliable. Please use 7Zip instead for extracting.)
  • Open the folder and run the .exe file to play.
New Content:
  • Expanded five existing scenes with six new animated positions.
  • Each position has new unique sex dialogue.
  • One has new lead-out dialogue too.
  • Added one new micro quest with an all-new scene and repeatable variant.
  • Scenes with variants will now indicate how many have been unlocked and the total available.
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected small framing issue with The Fisherman's Daughter animation assets.
  • Fixed problem with some sex scene dialogue not being played, or playing at the wrong time.
  • Corrected quirk with Cookie Jar rescue code to avoid future foot-gunning.
  • Ensured that the correct background is used in the lead-out of Helen's second cookie jar scene.
  • Updated a few Cookie Jar scenes that were showing art for the wrong time of day.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.11 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide


GALLERY UNLOCK INSTALLATION: Place it in the "SummertimeSagagame" folder.





  1. Install Summertime Saga v0.20.16 in new dir

  2. (The Lewd Patcher is included in the download file.)

    • Copy mod file(s) into Summertime Saga's ".game" dir

  3. Note: In theory this mod should work with future Summertime Saga versions.

    • It shouldn't matter but I will also note this mod was developed with Naughty Tribute Mod installed






  • More visible hairs in the crotch of some of the feminine figures in the game.

  • Women are more womanly.

  • hairy armpit to please our fellow feminist.


  • Download the archive of the Hairy Mod.

  • Install this mod after every mod you want to put in your game.

  • Extract the archive who countain the mod inside any folder.

  • Make a backup of the folder "images" who is inside the folder "game" in your game folder.

  • Copy/paste the folder you extracted from the archive inside the following path: =>[Your game folder] => folder called "game".

  • Override everything it may asked you to.

  • About the Naughty Tribute mod:
    If you're using it, make sure to install the mod like normal. Then, download the archive "Tribute Mod Hair" and extract the archive inside your Summertime Saga folder (in the same directory as "game", "lib" & "renpy", so that a folder named "custom" is there too). Override everything it may ask you to.



  • Make your eodipe complex stronger by making the waifu of your family even more beautiful than they're already are.

  • Give new physical quirks to your family waifu(exemple: moles or frekles).

  • For the real connoiseur who want to improve their gaming experience.


  • Install the Hairy Mod.

  • Download the archive of Beautiful Mark Mod.

  • Extract the archive who countain the mod inside the following path: =>[Your game folder] => folder called "game".

  • Override everything it asked to.


  • Delete the folder "images" inside the following path: =>[Your game folder] => folder called "game".

  • Copy/paste your backup inside the following path: =>[Your game folder] => folder called "game".



This mod is tested on PC (Windows) only! For other options, see below.

This mod requires the original Summertime Saga of same version to be installed. Take care if you have other mods installed (not recommended). Other mods may only work if they are not modifying the same files as this mod does.

It is recommended to save the unmodded game while the main city map is being displayed, close the game, and then install the mod and load the save.

This archive contains the following files and folders:

Naughty Tribute Mod Readme.txt

Note: In case that when running the game with the mod installed, you only get to see the loading image (presplash.png, showing Roxxy) and nothing else ever happens, delete the presplash.png file.


For mod installation, extract the complete archive into the "<Summertime Saga>game" folder so that it contains all the files and the folders listed above. Overwrite files and folders that already exist. To be safe, always do a clean install (install game fresh, then mod, without keeping old files).

Start the game. If it crashes at first start, try again once. Ensure that no other mods are installed.

Note: you should install clean, i.e. delete all files from previous versions of the mod before. In case of doubts, install the game new, and then install the mod.

Note: only install matching mods, i.e. the mod and game must be of same base version (e.g. mod version Version 0.18.6-1.0 can only be installed with version 0.18.6 of the game).

Note: In case you encounter memory errors, it is recommended to install the 4GB patch for 32bit executables from NTCore. Please download the tool from their site and apply it to the file <installation folder>libwindows-i686SummertimeSaga.exe (note: do not apply the patch to the <installation folder>SummertimeSaga.exe).

Non-Windows: It is also possible to install the game on Android and Mac. To do so, install the original game, run it once, and then copy the extracted files and folders contained in the archive, and install optional content if wanted. Caution -- this is not supported in general, but works for the devices mentioned below.


  • "Contents/Resources/autorun/game"


This time, with Android 11, Google messed it up to near completion. It is no longer allowed for any app, including the Android internal file manager, to access the android/data directory. Therefore, the below description is only valid for Android <= 10.

  • Tested to run on Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 8.0.0, and Samsung Galaxy S20, Android 10.

    • It may be that the following paths do not have to contain "/sdcard" at the beginning (use "/Android/data/..." instead of "/sdcard/Android/data/...").

  • Install mod (directories, plus the files, as listed above) to directory: "/sdcard/Android/data/com.kompasproductions.summertimesaga/files/game".

    • If that folder does not exist, run the game once. If still not present, create it manually.

  • Install optional content (directory game_overrides) to: "/sdcard/Android/data/com.kompasproductions.summertimesaga/files".

  • Put your saves and persistent into "/sdcard/Android/data/com.kompasproductions.summertimesaga/files/saves" if required.

This reddit thread describes the problem and some possible solutions with Android 11:

It appears that some file explorer apps available now support writing to the Android/data directory. I verified this with Root Explorer, which allows access even without actually requiring root. In case this no longer works in the future, you may try the following workaround, also described in that thread.

In short:

  • Download the app or a similar app that lets you make shortcuts.

  • Move the files via drag&drop

  • This may be tricky because you cannot easily navigate during that action!

  • An easier approach would be if you can connect an external keyboard and use CTRL+X and CTRL+V

Don't blame me, blame Google!



This patch reverses Anon's genetic fortunes so that instead of having a penis that is 3 standard deviations above normal, he's now 3 SD below normal, which more than qualifies it as a micropenis. He goes from being about double the average to about half the average, dropping from roughly 12" to roughly 3". He's now smaller than Eric and just barely smaller than Dexter.

Graphically, I reduced the length and girth of the shaft more than the glans (head), and made only a small size reduction to his testicles, to keep the proportions realistic. The exception is the x-ray cumshots, where I simply changed the zoom variables to shrink Anon's penis, which also shrinks the woman's uterus. I wanted to alter the images to make it so that his penis no longer reaches her cervix, but there is currently no vagina in the images, so a gap between the penis and cervix leaves the uterus floating in space. (I'll fix this later.)

All of the dialog changes feel really natural. In some places, my changes work out so well that it seems like the authors had intended that Anon have a small penis and/or be an acknowledged premature ejaculator. I didn't have to force anything into the game that wasn't already partially there.

491 code files (487 modified, 4 new)
1129 images (842 modified, 287 new)
2 new audio files

All references to Anon having a big dick are replaced with references to him having a small dick. How people feel about it varies:

Virgins express disappointment that they won't feel anything while losing their virginity.
Some characters are pleased that anal sex won't be as painful.
Some characters assume that Anon will be a better lover because he'll have to try harder, versus someone who could assume that having a big dick would automatically make them good at sex.
Some characters are still willing to have sex with Anon out of pity.
Characters who wanted to see Anon's dick after hearing reports of it being big in the unmodded game instead want to see it out of a morbid curiosity about how small it is.
One character has a small penis fetish (SPE/SPW).

Most characters who want to have casual sex with Anon and don't know about his size find it cute or amusing. Why not go full SPH? Because it wouldn't make sense in the game. If everyone was mean about it, it wouldn't make sense for them to want to keep having sex with him and give good reports to other characters in the game. The good reports are because Anon is still a good lover. It turns out that his penis penetrates to the same depth as the G-spot (or prostate for trans Eve), and its curvature means that it lands there on every thrust. His small size also causes him to frequently slip out and ride up over his partner's clitoris, which some women liken to masturbating using his cock as a finger. Through a combination of effort and luck, Anon is better at sex than their lovers of normal endowment. Everyone still enjoys having sex with him, though, in most cases, I turned down their enthusiasm to a more realistic level.

New features

Map screen shows where all characters are located.

Anal sex with 2 new characters: Judith and Liu.

More masturbation options:
Anon can masturbate at night.
Anon can masturbate once at any time of day without advancing the time of day.
New masturbation locations: the shower at home, the church confessional, the mall washroom stall, and in the stall in the broken washroom at school.
New masturbation character: Annie (unlocked after Anon has painted her and Mrs. Smith nearly nude)

More voyeurism:
Anon can watch Mia manually masturbating and humping her teddy bear more than once.
Anon can watch Mrs. Johnson ride her dildo ball to orgasm.
After Harold and Helen reconcile, Anon can watch them have sex every night.
Erik now cums when Anon watches him use the Orcette to jerk off to Jenny's cam show or World of Orcette. Erik can also jerk off to Iwanka's sex tape.
Anon can jerk off while watching Mia, Mrs. Johnson, or Harold and Helen.

Avoidable NTR (player must choose to unlock NTR):
Anon can watch Jenny having sex with Cedric in her bedroom through the peephole in the attic.
Anon can watch Odette blowing Tuuku for weed in the alley next to Sugar Tats.

Annie: Anon can ask Annie after she has seen him naked in the shower.
Mia: Anon can ask Mia after they have had vaginal sex.

New optional conversations:
Anon can have a series of conversations about sex with Tina when he visits her at the bank.
If Eve is trans, Anon can have a series of conversations about being trans with her. I feel that it's important to have honest and positive portrayals of trans people.

New optional scenes:
Angelica: Anon can ask Sister Angelica to watch him masturbate in the church confessional.
Cassie: Anon can skinny dip with Cassie at night, after getting unbanned from the pool.
Eve: Anon can choose to reveal something embarrassing to Eve after she reveals her penis/scar.
Jenny: Anon can choose to piss his pants in front of Jenny when he walks in on her in the shower when she's pregnant.
Mia: Anon can choose to let himself cum in his pants in front of Mia. There is extra content if he's a virgin, and if he masturbated before coming over.
Micoe: Anon can ask Micoe about medical treatment for micropenis.
Priya: After impregnating Diane, Anon can report his success to Dr. Singh.
Yumi: When Anon talks to Yumi in her police car, he can talk to her about seeing him naked on their first meeting.

There are new dreams when Anon has gone 7 or 10 days without an orgasm.

New achievements:
"Yoga-uh-uhhhhhh!" - Anon sometimes ejaculates while doing yoga with Anna. The odds increase the longer he has gone without an orgasm.
"Show Tina your OH NO face" - Anon sometimes ejaculates in his pants when Tina comes to the door in sexy lingerie. The odds increase the longer he has gone without an orgasm.
"Fast times between Nadya's thighs" - Anon sometimes ejaculates before he can penetrate Nadya when they have sex in her office. The odds increase the longer he has gone without an orgasm.
"Aw nuts" - Watch Erik masturbate to orgasm through the telescope after giving him the Orcette.
"Snowballed" - Watch Odette give Tuuku a blowjob and then let her snowball you.

I translated Ms. Bissette's French dialog using the same bilingual presentation as other characters' Spanish and Russian dialog, because I don't speak French, and you probably don't, either.

Now that Anon no longer has a megadick, his genitals were often covered by the dialog box. I reduced the height of the dialog box so it wouldn't be in the way as much, and I increased the transparency to make it easier to see Anon's dick through it.

Small image changes and Easter eggs to add realism.

Hundreds of punctuation and grammar fixes.

Name corrections:
Corrected Nadya's last name to the feminine Chernyshevskaya
Corrected Raz's middle name (patronym) to Putinovich
Corrected Priya Singh's name to Priya Kaur, though she still goes by Priya Singh professionally. (Sikh boys and men are called Singh (lion) and girls and women are called Kaur (princess))

Fine details:

Debbie becomes sexual with Anon out of pity, believing that no one else will have him because of his tiny penis.
After Jenny has seen it, her default insult changes from "loser" to "microdick". When she's mad at Anon for cumming inside her/pulling out before she can cum, she calls him "prejac". She starts referring to his penis as a clit and teases him about jilling or diddling his clit or creaming his panties. Jenny makes her camshow about femdom and SPH instead of huge dick porn, which fits her personality and existing relationship with Anon. If you take the submissive route, Jenny turns her Princess Jenny persona into a formal dom/sub relationship and refers to Anon as her sissy. Going to the movie theater with Jenny is now even more memorable.
Jenny's mouth is open far too wide for Anon's new size, so I put her tongue in the gap. Jenny is finally using her tongue during blowjobs!
Missy's sister has told her that nerds are good at sex because, as with their other nerdy pursuits, they study the subject, instead of reporting that nerds have big dicks.
After Tuuku's report, Odette's nickname for Anon is "little fella" instead of "big fella".
After the pizza delivery, Tina changes her nickname for Anon from "babyface" to "babydick". Anon can no longer bring her to orgasm, but she feels sorry for him and becomes his sexual mentor. It seems that Tina's long dry spell has left her with an itch that's going to need a lot of scratching.
Missy and Becca are excited to have sex with Anon based on Roxxy's reports of his skill, rather than his size.
Crystal is aware that Dexter also has a micropenis and suggests that Roxxy "has a type".
Anon can no longer bring Daisy to orgasm, but she's still eager to have sex with him because it's way better than being stretched out by the hillbilly wizard, who presumably used magic to give himself an enormous penis.
Anon can no longer bring Nadya to orgasm, but she considers his big loads valuable for getting pregnant, and enjoys taking huge facials that would infuriate her late father.
Anon can no longer bring Aqua to orgasm, but she uses him for breeding stock due to a lack of options.
Anon can no longer bring Liu to orgasm, but she's desperate for intimacy after her bad relationship with Kim.
Micoe is turned off by Anon's tiny penis, but his premature ejaculation makes it easier for her to be naughty at work.
Masturbating to Mia or Diane has more SPH if the submissive route is chosen.

New avoidable dream scenes: Anon has sexual dreams if he goes too long without having an orgasm. He'll announce that he's feeling backed up after 7 days and, if he ignores it, he'll have a "dry dream" that night. He'll announce that he can't take it any more after 10 days and, if this final warning is ignored, the first night that he sleeps in his room, he'll have a humiliating wet dream and blast a huge load into his sheets.


  • Unzip in the "<SummerTime Saga>game" directory.

  • Do not use the compressed version of Summertime Saga!