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Succum Brewery

Game Description:

After running out of money mid-transport Catherine is abandoned on the rooftop of downtown mega-skyscraper:
Peach Towers. She has no money, no friends, and no way to get to ground level.
To make matters worse the place is swarming with chuds.

  • Extract and run.
Fixed: Countless spelling errors. Fixed: Accidental early access to brewing screen. Fixed: Cancel button picking brewing options. Fixed: Chud Dark text appearing on martini upgrade. Updated: Brewing screen to have a blank background when nothing brewing. Added brewing mechanic including: New UI screen at the computer to order raw material and track brewing status. Brewing unit art for different brew setting. A new map location to deliver raw material and start brewing. Drinks now require raw material. Added brewing tutorial dialogue. Added a gallery. It can be found at the computer at the heart button. Added two pool table scenes. Added spray can item to the pawn shop and associated skill and art. Spray can damages the chuds but also reduces arousal. Added topless mode for high corruption after flashing the chuds a few times after tending the bar. Added new dialogue for flirting and small talk when topless. Added a scene leading up to topless mode. Added pick pocket art. Added topless art for tend bar, flirt, drink fill, and standing position. Added four cut-ins for topless mode including: Suck breasts, kiss, grope breasts, grope pussy. Edited some text color in the bar-tending game to increase visibility. Re-balanced economy to reduce the speed money is made in the early and mid game. Added raw material to Cheat Chicken so existing saves can be used. Use “Give Drinks” to get 20 of every kind of drink. Added icon for distracted state to see when pick pocket is available. Increased the timer on the “card trick” skill so it can be used less often in battle. Overfilling a drink now gives the same money as a perfect fill. The chuds might not like the mess, but they are still getting some extra booze. Reduced the gap between the money made on a perfect fill and an average fill.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 320.13 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).