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Student X-Change Program

Game Description:

“This is a game that I have coded based on the story being created by xChangeFan on Reddit. (
If you like the story, please make sure to offer praises to xChangeFan.

I have made no changes to the story, only worked on the backend code.
Currently I have added everything upto Part 7 of the story. (except the male version of part 4, as that is not my thing)
I might have missed tracking some changes or setting some options, so for now the game still shows the current/previous pages names to make bug reporting and fixing easier.

Game currently has two finished (Game Over) paths.‚Äč”

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "executable_name.htm" to start playing.
  • Make sure the html is in the same folder as the image folders.
- Added additional text so new players have a better idea how your father will react if you tell him at the beginning - Preference selection, when one can pick a name. As soon as one hits the 'r' key, the next page appears, rather than being able to write out the name. - Removed non-existant generic "Prison" achievement from ending list - this was left over from before multiple prison endings were added. - Eliminated bug treating Bailey like a boyfriend if you become permanently chaste. Now leads to an alternate ending if you were dating Bailey. - Fixed handling of 2nd year Halloween, and you are dating someone while in chastity - Fixed html tag errors on Part14IslandMassage - Fixed bad evaluation message on Divorce4 - Eliminated period messages if you are on the 'perfect' implant birth control - Fixed problem with neighbour/roommate displaying as variable on second belt penetration test - Fixed message about knowing about pregnancy already on Part10StripPregnant - Fixed conflict with Eric engineering scene if you already are dating someone - Tweaking pretrial/trial to make not guilty verdict easier to obtain - Added chance to misbehave while waiting to testify, and tweaking guilty/not guilty chance as a witness - Fixed conflict when starting to date Veronica at sorority when already dating Peter - Fixed variable on JobPornOral1 - Fixed variable on Part15HalloweenBaileyLeftLesbian and Part15HalloweenBaileyLeft - Tweaking script handling of repeat sex encoutners to speed up some page load times - Removed submissive/cat-girl variation from kidnapping ending. Expanded cat-girl variation of reeducation ending. - Tweaking birth control effectiveness when used (condoms, withdrawal, pills/pill-implant), no change to when specifically not used - Added option to temporarily use condoms if notice ovulating at Halloween - Additional backstory on Freedonia and options for family visit - Removed "Gold Star Lesbian" achievement as it is not yet achievable (it would be awarded at an ending where you only have sex with women, but there aren't any qualifying endings yet). The image remains and the achievement will be added back later, but removing it from the list of achivements so the X of X count on the achievement page doesn't reflect this one yet. - Removed "Student life balance" text from sidebar as it was confusing and not useful - Fixed where Part13Barry scene didn't handle if you were in Chastity - Fixed logic when texting boyfriend/girlfriend over christmas break first year - Fixed logic at Valentine's Day when dating Kate and have Call Girl side-job - Fixed handling if pregnant and dating someone when flunk out of school second year - Replaced Part15/TestSubject3.jpg with a different image, was mistakenly a copy of Natalie (nerdy roommate) - Tweaked Barry scenes when have anal side effect, to allow possibility for "Loophole violation" achievement to be earned
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.86 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).