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SnakeByte Blue

Game Description:

SnakeByte Blue is a porn parody of Great Y Comics’ “SnakeByte” comic: a VERY adult reimagining set in a fantasy,
action-packed world. You take the role of a pragmatic young girl who is given the task of tracking down an ancient source of power, before the world falls into a state of corruption at the hands of an evil goddess.

  • Extract and run.
-Content --Added Coloured Tutorial Scene 1 (Kris beej) --Rio Updated Art --Added Skittling Light Grabs (Lineart) --Added Fat Skittling Light Grabs (Lineart) --Added Skittling Grab "Suckle" (Lineart) --Added Charen and Rio bios -Technical --Updated Save Files in Extra Content folder --Added in the Easy/Medium/Difficult selector. Only affects combat for now. Activate when leaving Brewlor Manor. --Changed Combat Encounters based on difficulty. --Slight update to Brewlor Manor maps. Players can now go to other rooms via staircases instead of having to go back outside each time. --Combat grabs new system in place. If Kyrsten arousal is lower than 5, play "light grab" otherwise play randomised 2 stage grab. --Enemies should be grabbing Kyrsten more often. --Currently still on old Grab art, but will be implemented ASAP now the Grabs are working properly. NOTE: Currently disabled Rio grabs while doing her art update. --Updated Combat grabs text referencing Kyrsten's old outfits. -Bug Fixes --Fixed Lucky reds being lost after completing the Panty Raid Quest no matter what undies have been given to Helena. --Fixed Orgasm Picture not showing the right outfit/dialogue. --Fixed "Casper the friendly Soulless" not resetting on Thursdays. --Characters now show Kyrsten's Green Bikini if not using the Lucky reds. Dialogue is also updated to stop referencing old outfits. --Fixed Sheriff Simms not showing Green Bikini when asking questions. --Fixed Bug of going up onto the walls in parents room --Mental Struggles are effecting combat negatively, ending in crashes and bugs. Going to remove for now (except for the Shaman Encounter were it works (and was designed for)) and redesign. --Fixed bugs with the combat grab system causing crashes. --Fixed spelling in KoZE Camp when first meeting Rio. --Marcus, Rio, Charen and Serra STILL won't show Kyrsten's Green outfit option. Krischara does. Forgot to fix this. Sorry.--Fixed Tutorial showing wrong Kyrsten attire/emotions.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.05 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).