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Game Description:

In a world ruled by high-elfs a human slave is trying to survive, as it is given a chance to earn its freedom by fulfilling the conditions of an one of a kind pact between a slaa and an noble.

You open a bar to get money, yet not just a simple bar, but one for noble’s fetishes. As the dishes served here are made out of body fluids, gathered thru a mating act. For that reason, you have a whole farm with various h-slaves to harvest from :3​

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "SB_170120.exe" to start playing.
/ New Features Customize cabin: ui controls, presets Quick slots current milk mix Events Selection Poster Fairy Servant (functionality, anims) Xmax Event remake (shortcut auto unlocks on start if most of the photos are collected) Photo album (available only when game is uncensored) Weekly Photos and Quests New item "Bunbun" including: uses, hcard, help and special shop (opens on day 10) MilkCup drink boost Hud icon wtih timer New Xmas dress for Blondie and Fatso More spider x fairy webs thru the map areas + highlight effect and sfx on their hact start Minor game performance optimizations Title screen new option 'Discord' (link to developer's discord server) / Changes - Body cover liquids : can now be cleaned if Nishy's dirty stat reaches 0 via available methods (yuri, masturbate, fairy cleaning) - Dirty stat is now rised also by h exp : "AssJob,Facial,HandJob,MaleGang,ThighsJob,TitJob,TitRape,Molest,BrainRape" + previous "Vaginal,Anal" - [freeM] Fapet icons in recipe section at Black's shop - [freeM] Special events trigger every 17 days, they last 7 days - [freeM] Summer special event will still check and unlock new dresses per day pass (if barmen is approached), even if the barmen's quest is finished (except base black bikini) - Piss gauge filling slower - Piss gauge will fill extra (5%) if : BlowJobs, PissDrink or Choke (aproximated if player not in futa mode and not with a male, might not always guess who's giving or taking the h). - Drinking milk cup will fill piss gauge (by 6.5%) (not sure why thy didn't occur to me earlier -.-) - Important game notes shown once per Device/OS system at title screen - [story] F2 popup tip on 2'nd and 3'rd goblin h while in story's goblins cave - [story Black's barn] On bunny tame training carrots will auto restack if less then 3 - [story] TC will sell all dress parts from the start (Top,Low,Access and panties), in case of cloths somehow lost in the start. *on Trainees quest, if missing any dress parts - they will be given for free - [freeM] First Sheep quest replaced with a treasure chest and it's recipe (since the quest repeats from story). Also changed Blacksmith's clue about sheep's recipe - [freeM] Lowered the requirements to complete SB reputation quest and unlock respective features (including futa mode) - Hound taming : wet panties detection range increased (now can be detected even if undressing them wet) - Audio settings Voice volume now affects voice and sfx (both at once) - On UnBug (if in a h act) will auto stop the hact for the partner - UnBug [F5] : is now a softer unbug (doesn't fully override behaviour if in a special state: dungeon, pregnant..) - UnBug legacy [Shift + F5] : previous full override - UnBug [F5] can restore normal speed (if bugged slow mo speed) - Switching from shy to normal (undress before going to town then dress or return) will check for bugged slowmo speed - Cow taming : extended time window for tako to attach (from 3.1 to 3.7 sec) - [story Orks Dungeon] fixed endless cage anim if used UnBug [F5] - [story Orks Cave] 1 day after destroy rescued females - [story Orks cave] Added HUD Tip after Lily's intro chat - [story] Every in-game week (on monday) player will get auto cleaned (to preserve perfomance + there aren't many ways to clean on story) - Black's Barn area : added a transparent escape slope near it's gate (as an exit, in case player somehow get's in that area) / Fixed bugs: - pass thru colliders (walls,objects...), can still passthru low slopes with hacked super speed. - duplicated cloths unlock on shaving quests - Cross-Poses > Pose "???" bug (That one where if you pick the “??? option" on the Yuri list, the animation will be static). For females will now trigger a reverse hact - Womb slots : rows 3-5 not working correctly - Book not opening if Tips option is set to off - Hact: Gobling/Hound Vag endings doesn't fill up the pregnancy gauge - Body Fluids: Nishy get all her body clean after a few seconds or after doing something, this affects mainly to the Harpy Taming (ex: opening a menu, changing zone, moving, another hact, etc) - WombBag popup bug : start undressing + press wbag (b) > now you can walk in BG + tapping B will close and open another wbag - hand interact/pickup : sometimes interacting with things further away (ex.: pick up panties - interacts with cabin..) - kobold bug in it's tamed animation, there's no pregnancy change when hact is performed on the player (normal interaction). (no climax animation) - warg normal interaction sometimes no climax (same as above with kobold) - To specify if the offered/current milk cup is Mix on people's offer deny - Nishy's eyes looking at camera (when zoomed in) sometimes looking up instead of forward - Goblin x Harpy missing second loop - NishyxSlime Special interaction, doesn't have lvl 2 loop - Stallion/Hound Taming: Nishy doesn't take part during the taming h-act - Q button : pose switching in hacts, not working proprely (now should work on self and targeted h acts) - QuickTaming not working for Stallion/Hound - Spider x Fairy (web trapped h act) : one of the animation poses is static - Audio volumes don't load/assign on game load - crowd shops (slaves sell) and orange indicator above their heads - Mofu lake area : a barrel near the house turning visible only when very close to it - extra fix for Black's Barn quest (check and force player inside the barn, for rare cases of poping outside) - extra guide helpers for first parts on 'First Steps' quest (finding the sleep spot and the builder) - camera focused high (after hacts : fem attack futa Ni) - females face fix crossposes (sometimes mouth and cheeks glitched) - male faces fix mastb/crossposes (ent, kobold) - female crossposes "Bunny" option fix (T Pose in case of Harpy,Neko,Slime) - female crossposes Cow/Sheep using Harpy/Slime futa pose - Diamond indicator not always appearing over wild fapets (especially, missing on wild cows) - Ni x Ent (tamed) : second anim - secret party quest bug: (first sleep) drink milk cup > enter nest - triggering event progression (as if slept) - wild Kelpie interact chat - Penalty can break story (lock player behind story walls) : locked for some story parts (Nun part, Boring filler , goblins invasion) - some story walls bug compensation added (if player is somehow on the other side, they'll allow to pass thru) - Fairy x Spider : after h (to stay in after pose) - Fixes for liquids not always spawned or not where they should be - Optimization for liquids to prevent overflooding (which is highly decreasing performance), liquids with linked decals will auto destroy if above 5 instance per body part (and all destroy if above 10, if by any miracle they made it that far) - [story] polished the Auntie x Kelpie segment - [story] polished the bunny mind switch segment (TC x Mayor, F5 unbug while bunny, on bunny mind switch camera going into stratosphere) - [story] sometimes camera not focusing on chars player is talking to (NPCs) - [story Village delivery, nun cleaning] Bucket is empty instead of having water - [story] molest anim : after first loop he throws her to the ground then kicks in the second loop - missing cum on climaxes (keplie, goblins, builder) / Extra Xmas Anims: - Nishy x Photo guy (xmas event) : blowjob [2 lvls], standing (doggy 1) [2 lvls], doggy (crouched), laying (reverse cow) [2 lvls] - Nishy x Blond (xmas event) : nonFta [2 lvls], fta [2 lvls] - Bunbun: dirty gauge (below, above 50%), piss gauge (above 35%) Fairy Anims: - xTc (Fairies Quest) - xFapets (tamed) : dirty clean (B unny,Sheep,Cow,Neko,Slime,Harpy,Kelpie,Stallion,Hound,Kobold,Warg,Hound,Ent,Goblin) - xNi: *auto piss drink (Standing fta,nonF; crouching fta,nonF) *stamina refill () + vore (if fairy has low essence) *dirty clean (nonFta [2 lvls], ftaNi[4 lvls], ftaBoth[3 lvls]) + vore (if fairy has low essence) *sleep morning (gang (up to 6) fairies x Ni : ftaNi, nonfta ni) Photos: Ni x Photo guy: normal , futa (includes some normal) Ni x Blondie: 4 packs (2 non and 2 futa) unlocked after hacts ni x blond Blondie x Photo guy: (after all other photos are unlocked) find a secret item in winter area on day 4
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 2.57 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).