Sabrina the invisible art porn xxx game download cover

Sabrina the invisible art

Game Description:

Sabrina notices strange things happening to her. Her aunts don’t give her a definite answer, so she shares all her secrets in her personal diary through sketches. Pretty soon she discovers her secret, and now she has to go to the academy of the invisible arts, which she doesn’t like being in at all. What will she come up with this time?

  • Extract and run.
- 5 new NSFW scenes (with animation) - new background - mini game with academy spirits - new character - quest investigation about a missing student - added the possibility of expulsion from the academy because of mass sex with ghosts
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 172.8 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).