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Game Description:

Welcome to the Dark Lord’s Keep. RogueLove is a Lewd Action RPG based around Roguelike/lite elements. You play the daughter of a Sex Slave, on the night of your 18th birthday you decide to escape before you meet a similar fate. Escape the dungeon alive, find out who your father was, or even take on The Dark Lord Himself if you think you can. Your fate will be sealed if you are defeated in combat, or if you submit to your baser urges. Find gear and books along the way to power yourself up, gain the Favor or Ire of the Gods, will you become superhuman or sub-common chaff?‚Äč

  • Extract and run.
New Content -New Gear; Human Nailpolish, Drow Makeup, Half-Faun Hairtie -This gear is the first unlockable gear in the game, each one will only be added to possible chests item pools after they have been unlocked -New Boss; Ice Fairy (Appears in Somber Cloister and Castle Keep) -New Character; Half-Faun -Half-Faun spawns with no clothing -Spawns with Throwing Knives -Stat adjustments: DEX+2 CHA+2 STR-2 CON-2 -Moves faster by default -All Ranged weapons deal +2 damage -Add Cheats for Patrons, 6 cheats can now be turned on at the start of a run, although one simply unlocks the hidden characters. You can stack all of them if you want, or only turn on a few -god Mode (the player cannot be damaged, or gain lust) -Freyja Mode (the player will always appear naked) -Hel Mode (all attacks will instantly kill enemies, including bosses) -Njord Mode (start with 9999 coins) -Odin Mode (start with all Spells unlocked, and infinite MP) -Fulla Mode (checking this cheat will instantly unlock the two hidden characters) -Add Debug commands -Alt+Del: Deal 9999 damage to all entities tagged as "Enemy" -Alt+Home: Warp the player back to the start of the floor, this will also engage Kill All command -Alt+End: Warps the player into the Boss Room and unlocks the Boss Door, this will also engage Kill All command, and give the player the Boss Key -Alt+Pg Dn: Activates the Boss Room teleport as if you'd touched the stairs (Moves to the next level in sequence, Secret paths will never be activated using this command) Changes -Magic casted by the player no longer relies on Dex rolls to hit. Instead it will always hit, but Monsters have a chance to resist damage based on their Wisdom stat. Failed resistance rolls result in full damage, but successful ones will cut your damage dealt in half -Lord's Mistress no longer appears as a random boss in the Somber Cloister, instead she will always appear as the boss of the 3rd floor -Reduced Throwing Knives attack speed to balance range -Changed Throwing Knives sub-title Bug Fixes -Fixed some errors which occured on games with no metadata save -Fixed a glitch preventing Astral Doublet from increasing Spell Power -Fixed a glitch which caused Severed to always drop a card if it had not been obtained before; this has been set to the 1% chance that every card has -Fixed a glitch which was adding Intelligence Roll bonus to Throwing Knives and Stone Shurikens damage -Fixed a glitch where Throwing Knives and Stone Shurikens were not rolling damage based on the new stats, but were instead using the old method -Fixed a glitch where all hit rolls were not including Dexterity Stat bonuses -Accessories Gear menu now lists all of the accessories available -Missing Accessory Gear graphics are now included
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 111.6 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).