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Project Venus

Game Description:

Project Venus is an action horror shooter with Resident Evil vibes. You play as Jillian, common office clerk, who wants to find her sister, but then zombie outbreak changes everything.
However, when there is no law during zombie apocalypse, anything can happen to our busty heroine.

  • Extract and run
  • Continuation of the story. Now you will be able to visit the police station (22 map pieces)
  • Added second outfit which you will obtain at police station
  • Introduced new NPC with two conversation scenes. You can talk to her and learn what her story is. She will appear later in story
  • Added new type of zombie: hunter
  • Added human enemies (12 variations)
  • 3 new variations for generic zombies
  • New main theme in the menu
  • Added first melee weapon
  • Added explosives: grenades and land mine. Molotov is in progress.
  • Technical: added animated status effects. Now every single npc and PC are able to bleed, burn and get poisoned with visual effects
  • Created spawner, which will be used later
  • Added regeneration passive in skill tree
  • Added stamina increase in skill tree
  • Added max carrying weight in skill tree
  • Increased shooting rate for all weapons
  • Implemented AI teams. It allows us to use NPCs as friends. You will notice that when you arrive at police station for the first time. Later in the game there will be neutral NPC which will attack both PC and zombies
  • All existing scenes are reworked for second outfit. They will change depending on which outfit do you use at the moment
  • Cassie got additional scene with animation from 3 angles
  • Forest man received a different scene if you wear the second outfit. He also received a new scene, which you can trigger if you corruption is high enough
  • Added scene with the boy at the confession booth right after you get mission to infiltrate the police station
  • Added hints for some lewd actions. Now you'll see how much corruption do you need
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed broken shops at the sewers
  • Fixed limitless running option
  • Fixed oldman's animations in the gun shop
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.63 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

Graphics fix


Move - WASD
Interact - space, left mouse button
Inventory - I
Shoot - right mouse button
Reload - R
Menu - ESC
Status window - T