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Project SX-Ultra

Game Description:

SX-ULTRA is a pulp action themed Interactive Erotica; an acid novel that portrays the pornographic mind of a young volunteer who lends themselves to a government mind control program. In their new life as an undercover agent, they must cheat, fight and fuck to survive at any cost and carry out the missions The Agency has for them.

Explore mind-bending worlds where your every wild desire can be indulged, but keep an eye out for cyber brain parasites, nefarious terrorists, rival agencies, and even your own colleagues, for not everything is as it seems in PROJECT SX-ULTRA

  • Extract and run.
Project SX-Ultra S1 Transformation Quest Update
  • New TF therapy event with Morgan: Session 4: Convex Projection Test
  • 3 New side interactions with Morgan with 4 New images (Option to strip when given a tip)
  • Morgan & Rhea's (Optional) Quest: grants 4 new exclusive rewards regarding TF content (new character, new interactions, changing your appearance & the option to buy quick transformation pills)
  • 21 New images of Rhea
  • New Alex event with 5 interactions
  • You can start smoking after mision #5 and talking to Alex
  • Option to change your avatar's appearance (must do the optional quest for now)
  • You can ask Lucy to let you work at the Palais Eros
  • New interaction options in the Palais Eros and with other characters based on you corruption levels.
  • The self-description in the "About" section has been replaced by a character report that changes with the progression of missions, as well as your physical and psychological changes (may have a bit of trouble working properly if playing with a save from a previous update)
  • Taking a dose of X25 gives you more money when offering your services at Palais Eros, but also have consequences for your Psyche and Corruption levels.
  • New interactions at Palais Eros when offering your services based on your corruption level
  • New shortcut to your full Photo Archive with all your collectibles
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 681.0 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).