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Princess And Conquest

Game Description:

Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain “incident”!

The sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon is the spring for a series of events that have brought chaos to the Kingdom!

  • VX Ace RTP [] is required to play the game.
  • Download and install the VX Ace RTP if it isn't installed.
  • Extract and run.
Additions and changes:
  • Added States Menu
  • Bird Princess NSFW Animation #3 added
  • Mermaid NPCs NSFW Animation #2 added (90 different color combinations...)
  • Bird NPCs NSFW Animation #2 added
  • Victoria NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Victoria has been added as DLC character
  • New Progeny Skill added: "Yandere"
  • New Progeny Skill added: "Tsundere"
  • New Progeny Skill added: "Kuudere"
  • New Progeny Skill added: "Dandere"
  • New Progeny Skill added: "Nemuidere"
  • New Progeny Skill added: "Erodere"
  • Erodere / Tsundere / Dandere / Kuudere now have some conditions to reduce stats around the party
  • Added Screen Filters to select in the System Menu
  • Optimized Sunken Ruins map
  • Optimized Beach map
  • Reworked Goblin siege Boss battle
  • "Ronyan" costume added for Cat Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
  • Added new icons for many weapons (Sun Sickle, Sweet Water, Minescraper, Ballooney, Wild Staff, Stalagmight, Mummifier, Swolf)
  • Optimized events in World Map North and South to reduce performance issues
  • Guild Lady NSFW Animation #1 added to the Gallery (2 versions)
  • Improved flight distance calculator
  • Added new battle Sound Effects for the Knight
  • New Cheat added: "Get every Armor"
  • New Cheat added: "Get every Weapon"
  • New Cheat added: "Get every Costume"
  • Fixed Moth's route debuff not being healed when going to NG+
  • Fixed Mouse Princess showed at war in the Kingdom Status menu against Harvest/Finhead/Mermaid/Bird/Oni when it should be showing the "tax" icon instead
  • Fixed Dog Princess bugging the Progeny she removes from the party during her intro scene
  • Added automatic fix to "disappeared" Progeny once the Progeny Box menu gets accessed
  • Fixed "Grim Orb" magic skill not being assigned to ghosts but to goblins instead
  • Added a new method to stop eggs from hatching during scenes or animations
  • Fixed screen remaining zoomed after being refused to proceed in Oni Princess' tent because of not enough STR
  • Moved Fairy/Holstaur expressions showing over hairstyles
  • Fixed big Mermaid Progeny sprites
  • Fixed Crystal Progeny allowing "Sexy Times" in Chillbite Festival and Spookfests
  • Fixed Cinder Ribbon and S.C.R.A.B. being labeled as "Usable" rather than "Consumables"
  • Fixed wrong children number being shown in Princess Diaries when there's a triplet incoming
  • Fixed available points not being shown in the Level Up menu when reaching 20+
  • Fixed missing Nun portraits in the Chapel when the Knight is also wearing a Monastic Veil
  • Fixed black screen after going up and down stairs of Gazer Prison during Dragon Princess II's route
  • Fixed Knight slowdown in NG+ if Autodash is left ON
  • Fixed some Oni Progeny sprites missing face assets
  • Fixed buggy dialogues with Bird and Oni Progeny in the Spookfest room
  • SPRITE RELOADER Debug item now works on Progeny too
  • Fixed Moss Princess' recruitment event not starting on some occasions
  • Fixed "Charge!" Skill breaking sprites if used around Scarecrow Fields
  • Fixed Hematite weapons forging checking for "Wood" rather than "Blood Iron"
  • Fixed Rabbit Garderie crashes
  • Fixed "See Man's..." quests showing their completion more than once
  • Fixed Dance Dance Desert events not resetting correctly
  • Fixed the Knight being shown as if still underwater after defeating Orata
  • Fixed recruitable Patron NPCs often not having their own Skill
  • Fixed missing Scarecrow Princess expression
  • Fixed Lapin Headband and other "transforming" items working on eggs
  • Fixed Shade Princesses not being able to wear "Crown" items
  • Fixed invisible skeleton dancers in the Old Church while the Courtesan event is happening
  • Fixed "Toxin" and "Scorch" States icons being inverted
  • Fixed buggy transfer up from the Sea Reign while using a gamepad
  • Fixed Goblin NPCs wearing a musket being randomized after every interaction
  • Fixed custom-haired Rabbit NPCs expressions
  • Fixed Slime Princess being NEVER shown as pregnant
  • Fixed crashes when talking to most Princesses
  • Fixed quest dialogue box changing the width and ending off screen
  • Fixed NPCs sprites not reappearing after the Beach quest
  • Fixed some nuns bugging dialogues
  • Fixed buggy Spookfest/Chillbite/Bloomgaze costumes given upon recruitment
  • Fixed Beach minigame ending not making the Player leave the "Underwater" state
  • Entering buildings mid-flight causing sprites to bug out
  • Fixed some menus (Reign Menu, States Booklet...) causing bugs if opened during fights
  • Fixed Bubbly Soap causing errors during the fight against Daimyo/Shogun monsters
  • Reworked Bubbly Soap effect
  • Fixed Nun Educator lacking collision
  • Fixed Diana in the Rumbling Cave bugging the Battle HUD
  • Fixed Tinhead Talker quest not showing the correct objectives / not being considered completed upon delivery
  • Fixed Stone Knife brothel being available even if the Knight has depleted his Endurance for the day
  • Fixed buggy font after leaving the Reing Menu and States Booklet
  • Fixed the Knight remaining stuck inside the Tent when starting a NSFW event with no Endurance
  • Fixed wrong dialogue when trying to sneak in Oni Princess' tent
  • Fixed crashes happening when the number of party members changed before going to NG+
  • Fixed Oni Princess fighting in the Colosseum before all her 5 Champions have been defeated
  • Fixed transfer into Little Mice Inn at midnight in Clocktown not canceling weather effects
  • Fixed player no-clipping in Clocktown and outside Wendigo Tower
  • Fixed movement and transfers being possible while area CGs are being shown
  • Fixed Chicha in Pullet Inn not having collisions
  • Fixed Brawler Trait description
  • Fixed buggy Mhyrr dialogues
  • Fixed missing Bobba sprite in Greenkin Brewery
  • Fixed depleting flight stamina over impassable tiles not interrupting flight events correctly
  • Fixed flights stop in water areas failing even if the leading party member has Water Breathing
  • Prevented autosaves inside the Knight's Tent if midnight is spent there
  • Fixed Garderie crashes and other bugs
  • Fixed Progeny deposited in the Garderie also ending in Faun's Tavern
  • Removed decimals being shown in battle damages and in stat screens (re-depositing Progeny in the Daycare may be needed for that)
  • Added a "broken equipment" remover script
  • Fixed failing the Beach event resulting in a black screen
  • Fixed crashes after selling certain races (Drider, Lamia, Holstaur...) at the Goblins' slave market
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.11 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide


Wuchan update

Marie Update

Vashti Update

Spritz Update


Alternate Forms Guide

Costume Guide


Cheat Codes:

Here are the Cheats for Princess & Conquest Stable build! They will be updated when the next one is out!

  • 471157-> Randomize/De-randomize Princesses and Soldiers

  • 376017-> Change Season

  • 178564-> Change weather to your liking

  • 714265-> Set Merchant Princess location

  • 835543-> Make all Princesses pregnant

  • 243230-> Toggle ON/OFF Max Fertility for every Princess

  • 911510-> Unlock every animation + "GALLERY TELEPORT" item

  • 379110-> Kingdom: TOTAL WAR!

  • 762853-> Diplomacy reset

  • 991300-> Peaceful Kingdom~

  • 625518-> Reach max level with the "Knights INC."

  • 998405-> +10 to all stats to the party's leader

  • 235413-> -10 to all stats to the party's leader

  • 288288-> Relationship with all the Princesses to 5

  • 499163-> Relationship with all the Princesses to 0

  • 652778-> Affinity with every Reign to 10

  • 483573-> Affinity with every Reign to 0

  • 578993-> Access CANDY cheat menu

  • 910692-> Access Bank CANDY cheat menu

  • 379169-> Get all the dowries!

  • 864891-> Get all Resistances (Poison, Heat, Cold, Diving)

  • 765025-> Get a series of delicacies from the Kingdom (10x)

  • 380512-> Make all Princesses succubi

  • 245707-> Make all Princesses THICC

  • 110077-> Revert all Princesses to their starting weight

  • 527819-> Set Kingdom Lewdness (0~99)

  • 173118-> Toggle ON/OFF Prince looks for every Princess

  • 263489-> Party Kingdom! (100% chance of Desert Festival/Tea Party/Spookfest/Chillbite Blessing/Bloomgaze Festival)

  • 657046-> Resurrect any Princess that died during this playthrough and make them available in the Putridarium

  • 964811-> Upgrade every Knight Trait to "++"

  • 346678-> Change Knight Trait

  • 672395-> Stop/Resume siege progression

  • 989173-> Progeny get!

  • 958972-> Get Diana Portfolio (CG Gallery item)