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Game Description:

Newlife is an erotic text-based female-perspective RPG. In this game you’ll usually play as a man who’s accidentally transformed into a woman – make a new life for yourself, be seduced by charming (or sleazy) men and generally have a fun sexy time. Alternatively, you can select the female start, begin as a woman and play the whole game without changing gender at all.

  • Extract to desired location.
  • 2a For Windows: Click on "newlife.exe" to start playing.
  • 2b For MacOS or Linux: Click on "newlife.jar" to start playing.
Major changes & additions: Added a new random event for a sleazy landlord. Giving him an orgasm here will give you a discount on your rent, though only the first time this happens. If you're in a lesbian marriage you can now have a baby through IVF by visiting your doctor, as requested by littleslavegirl over on tfgs. Updated the late-rent scene with modified versions of the “beg for help” and “demand an extension” actions submitted by Stochastic. Minor changes: As requested by Secondarian and Tilbet, love decay can now be disabled in the options screen. Your spouse will pay rent if you are a housewife even without the financial-support vow as otherwise the PC, lacking income, would be in quite some trouble! Thanks to Amichai for flagging this up. Visiting Ivy will have different text in the intro if you keep playing after the endgame. Thanks to Amichai and Kabasny for reporting the inconsistency of her still being available post-endgame even when the endgame sequence says she's leaving town. Updated the exlover minidate conditions to restrict it happening for horse+gym-jerk, and for when the PC knows her partner wants to share her. The likes-to-share route in this scene now also flags the PC as knowing he has that trait. Updated some of the text when giving birth, to add some alternatives based on traits and so female-start characters will no longer get the “never before has it felt so natural to be a woman” text. Bugfixes: Fixed some text issues. Thanks to Grimgear, Made 2 Face Black and Blue Face and Zab for reporting some of these. Fixed a bug reported by Newface where, despite getting the message that you wouldn't need to pay rent, it was still being charged normally if you were married to your landlord. Fixed an issue reported by Grimgear where the landlord is visible in the moving-in scene even before you enter the flat. For consistency, custom good/evil hypnotists will now be sure to get the “hypnotist” trait. This shouldn't have much gameplay effect, but might help avoid any niche weirdnesses, especially if people are using unofficial custom scenes that require the trait. Fixed a bug reported by Grimgear where successfully convincing your landlord to lower the rent was actually increasing the amount charged.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 13.1 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).