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Mystic Knight Maya

Game Description:

While exploring the island you will encounter its many inhabitants that wish to only do harm to the main character, but you will also meet some neutral NPCs that might help or hinder your journey.
It’s a 2D action platformer with some light metroidvania elements, such as non-linear exploration, inventory system, special skills, dialogue, etc. You will start the game on the beaches of a mysterious island and from there you will be able to explore it at your leisure, trying to find a way to escape from it and discovering its mysteries.

  • Extract and run.
[FEATURES] + Added Gallery Mode! -> A new stage simply called "The Gallery" is now avaliable and located in the castle hub area. -> After entering this stage for the first time, it will enable the gallery option in the title menu, which will start the game directly into this stage. -> Unlock Gallery Rooms: -> There are 8 smaller rooms inside the gallery, each relating to the 8 "biomes" in the game. Defeat the respective bosses and the rooms become accessible. -> For each room unlocked, the respective collection of enemies will be avaliable in the gallery player and arena spawner. -> Each room contains statues of the enemies that primarily inhabt that biome. -> Read the statues' descriptions for some Deep_Loreâ„¢. Those can be cross-referenced with other statues to begin building a small picture of the story. -> These descriptions are written by and from the perspective of a pivotal character that hasn't been introduced yet... or has it? -> Animation Player: While Maya is inside the gallery, a new option called "Gallery" is avaliable in the pause menu. -> It opens a new window where you can browse all of the unlocked biomes and their respective enemies. Select an enemy to play its grab animation. -> Animation Controller: When vieweing an animation in the gallery (inside the perverted dungeon room), a set of UI buttons appears at the bottom of the screen. -> Use these buttons to control the flow of the erotic animations (to an extent). The controls are (from left to right): -> Restart: Resets the ero grab animation to the initial phase. -> Loop Lock: Stays locked and looping infinitely on the current animation. -> Play: Proceed with the default animation behavior (unlocks the loop if it was locked). -> Forward Phase: Sets up a phase change, forcing the ero grab to move on to the next animation phase. -> After clicking, visualy it may take up to 1 short animation cycle for the animation to change to the next phase. This is intentional, in order to display the default animation transition, as opposed to cutting in the middle of the current cycle prematurely. -> Decrease speed: Reduces the speed of the current animation cycle, down to a minimum. -> Increase speed: Increases the speed of the current animation cycle, up to a maximum. -> Exit Player: Turns off the current animation being viewed and return Maya to the main room of the Gallery. -> Gallery Arena: Located in the left corner of the gallery, there is an underground arena where all of the game's enemies can be spawned (excluding bosses). -> To spawn enemies, open the pause menu while Maya is inside and select the new option "Arena". -> The UI is the exact same as the one to view ero animation (also obey the same unlocking rules). -> To spawn an enemy, select one from the unlocked biome lists and then click or press Confirm/Enter on the desired enemy. It will be spawned randomly in the arena. + Added a new enemy: Medusa -> She inhabts the lush gardens beyond the swamps, at the far corner of the island. -> Her special ability is to petrify those who look directly to her. The gaze gradualy slows downs Maya until she becomes stiff and can't move anymore. -> The ero grab is tagged lesbian and features transformation. The medusa will grab Maya to proceed with the petrification process. -> There are 3 slight variations to this grab chosen at random, each resulting in a different statue at the end. + Added a new enemy: Fairy of Sorrow -> A fairy that was corrupted by despair after she ended up lost inside a dangerous place. Now she lives in the deepest corrupted parts of a devious machine. -> She summons dark shadow copies of enemies to attack Maya (these copies are unable to ero grab). -> The ero grab is tagged vore, and features portal absorption. [FIXES/OTHER] * Changed: Maya now hovers in the air while performing her jumping sword attack, to increase precision during these attacks (limited to 3 attacks in a row per jump). * Changed: Increased the view port distance in the minimap to display a bigger area, therefore giving more information about the layout in the vicinity of the player. * Fixed: The attack/confirmation key (Defaults to X) now properly affects the buttons and other elements of the UI in the game (confirming buttons in the menus). * Fixed: The "boss defeated" flag of the Blue Vixen was not being correctly saved, causing her to reapear even after begin defeated on certain circunstances. * Fixed: The attack collider of certain enemies was persisting for a second after said enemey death (thus hurting Maya), instead of being immediately disabled as they should. * Fixed: Auto-saving was incorrectly being allowed when Maya touched a save point while being held by enemies that can move during ero grabbing (dog-boy, giant insect, etc)
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 146.0 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

Save file in location from latest update: Mega

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