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My Secret Desire

Game Description:

My Secret Desire is meant to be a free roam game, in which you choose the character you want to focus on. The story is about a young person, who decided that it’s finally time to start living his life to the fullest. You, as a player, decide what that will exactly mean for him.‚Äč

  • Extract and run. Files downloaded from links labeled as UPDATE - extract into the folder with game and run.
- 7 278 words - 5 sex scenes (CL means corruption level, LOVE means love route only, NTR means ntr route only) - added 4 random scenes with Summer - 1. - 25%, CL 5, NTR, after entering the Duncan's house (from town) - 2. - 50%, CL 5, LOVE, when she's in your backyard, Saturday - 3. - 33%, CL 5, NTR, weekend, in any room at MC's house - 4. - 10%, can be found after School in Town, then at Duncan's house (sex scene is LOVE route only) - added the School introduction event - abilities renamed to perks - cooking, sneaking, perception and massage switched from 'abilities' to stats - added two new stats - 'hacking' (unlocked by completing School introduction) and 'charisma' (currently no use and no way of improving) - added six perks - not yet used anywhere (they will unlock new sex interactions and new events) - strength stat limit - you can now raise the stat by 3 points per activity and the limit is raised to 15 per day - UI: new unified look including intro, sidebar and general navigation of the game. - UI: 'Phone' now looks a little like phone with apps - added five new locations to the town with 0 content currently MISC - Kiley's house is now always available to travel - added a hint about installing the dance pole - you now have to attend both morning and afternoon classes for the game to acknowledge you didn't skip school - lotion (usage 3) and spy camera (usage 1) are now listed as ITEMS, meaning you have to buy them again if you use them - tips and descriptions in the Replay Scenes app and the Quest Tracker app are now shown when hovering over the elements - adjusted tips and descriptions of every scene in the Replay Scenes app - adjusted tips of some quests steps in the Quest Tracker app - corruption quests now starts from 1 (before from 0) - Pawn shop quests renamed to "Corruption of Pawn shop ..." - adjusted how replaying of scenes work, allowing to cheat-complete all scenes without messing up quests and one-time scenes - Pawn shop story scenes in the Replay Scenes app are now unlocked only if you've reached the sex scene - slightly different look when browsing wares of any shop - you can now cheat-complete quests through AQL (Active Quest Tracker) - the second 'Phone' button on the sidebar is now only shown when you're focusing on three characters BUGFIXES - fixed 'balcony1-1' and 'livingroom9-1' clips in compressed version - fixed wrong file paths for the game to work on Linux - fixed an error in Summer's workday sex scene in her room - fixed an error in Summer's sex scene with her friend in MC's house - fixed getting in loop when clicking 'Phone' while in 'Replay scenes' - fixed one gif not being used and one incorrectly placed - fixed losing relationship with Summer and Kiley - fixed completing "Financial Problems" quest via cheats - fixed completion of "Subtle Proposition" quest not reseting Kiley's corruption and relationship - fixed "Corruption Of Summer Duncan 3" (now number 4) quest not getting completed - made sure quest items are removed when they are used and they are no longer available in shops afterwards - scene with Michelle when you take a swim at your old house happening on the weekend now happens in daytime rather at any time
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 3.43 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).