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Midnight Paradise

Game Description:

Lewdlab’s next landlady epic, this time without dream shadows and more tribal tattoos and fancypants rich bois.‚Äč

  • Extract and run.
OLD SAVE FILES DO NOT WORK Main new features: - There is now a properly functioning sandbox system The girls have a timetable (visible in the game) and you can see what they are doing on specific days of the week during each time period. You can play and level up these events with them, leading to increasingly advanced sexual encounters. - The phone system is expanded and now you can see character scores, more pictures in the gallery and it has a lot of actual messages now. New content: Number of new renders: 2350+ Number of new animations: 170 Number of words of new dialogue: 160,000+ - Added the following 10 new sandbox scenes for Joyce Coffee Level 1 to 9 Cooking Level 1 to 9 Changing Level 1 to 5 Bathing Level 1 to 7 Getting Ready Level 1 to 8 Reading Level 1 to 7 Sunbathing Level 1 to 8 Home office Level 1 to 8 Sleeping in Level 1 to 7 Smoking Level 1 to 2 - Added the following 11 new sandbox scenes for Isabel Snacking Level 1 Getting ready Level 1 to 7 Shopping Level 1 to 7 Shower Level 1 to 6 On Phone Level 1 to 7 Working out Level 1 to 6 Watching TV Level 1 to 6 Meditating Level 1 to 8 Sunbathing Level 1 to 9 Waking up Level 1 to 6 Changing Level 1 to 5 - Added the following 13 new sandbox scenes for Ruby Bathing Level 1 to 6 Changing Level 1 to 5 Club dancing Level 1 to 5 Gaming Level 1 to 8 Getting ready Level 1 to 8 Pool photos Level 1 to 6 Shower Level 1 to 7 Sleeping in Level 1 to 2 Sleep special Level 1 to 2 Sunbathing Level 1 to 8 Office cleaning Level 1 to 7 Office uniform Level 1 to 4 Office resting Level 1 to 7 - Progressed Ruby's storyline considerably with: Night at the pool scene Celebration prep: - flowers scene (with slight bonus if you chose Eliana) - cake - decoration (with slight bonus if you've already done Isabel's quest line) Celebration intro scene Search scene ---Routes diverge here--- Search Punishment scene Detour to home scene Celebration scene Bathroom scene route 1 Bathroom scene route 2 Final scene route 1 Final scene route 2 - Added 100+ text messages to the phone - Added 63 images for girls to send to Connor over the phone - New option to name save files - New phone pictures are displayed at the top of gallery - New relationship system - New shortcuts - F5 (quick save), F9 (quick load), C (calendar), T (open reply in text message) - Several typos fixed - New typos introduced - New system for handling events - New Affection Point system for progressing in sandbox - New location (Apartment's bathroom, huray!) - New icons for apartment - New contacts in phone - Ms. Jane events also progress in Connor's new apartment - New phone backgrounds for Joyce, Isabel, Ruby, Melissa, and Ms Jane - Special "New" tag system for sandbox events - Natsuko's apartment made available sooner in the game - Edited tons of dialogue - Added alternate routes for Isabel betting event 1 Isabel betting event 2 Joyce office event Joyce bathing event Joyce phone conversation event You can get points for the route decisions in these events based on your choice. - Fixed tons of bugs - Probably introduced some bugs
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 4.73 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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