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Mad Island

Game Description:

You and four friends are enjoying a cruise ride when the boat collides with a rock and sinks.
You wake up on an unknown island where you meet the other protagonist of this game with whom you will start your days of survival with. The goal is to find your friends and escape the island.

This game contains bizarre elements, cruelty, fresh blood, mutilations, wounds, internal organs, etc.
For sensitive people it’s better not to try to play this game.
Note: Don’t share banned (R7) content from Ci-en.


  • Extract and run.
・Fixed a bug that caused NPC and animal items to disappear and other item information to be corrupted when using the “ALL OUT” button with chests and other items when the main inventory was full. ・Fixed a bug that forest grass and chaos grass could not be collected after installation. ・Fixed a bug that caused Takumi events to be duplicated. ・Fixed a bug that prevented the localization of Chinese (Simplified Chinese). ・Fixed a bug that the target of a raid cannot be retrieved. ・Fixed a bug in which the count of hauls and the calculation of hauls were not being done correctly. ・Fixed a bug that allowed other houses to be placed inside the house. ・Fixed a bug that when the male protagonist was stunned by a large female aborigine, the hair of the man was not correctly described. ・Fixed a bug that Dharma's H-animation was not displayed correctly. ・Added the ability to update DLC ・Add options such as eliminating invisible walls, putting a house inside a house, removing building restrictions. ・Fixed a bug where the raid on the waiting protagonist did not end when the waiting protagonist was targeted and knockdown.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.04 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide



Cheats Installation:

First Create a Backup of the dll, if smth does break..
Mad Island_Data → Managed → Override the dll.

About Cheats:

- **Key B:** Opens UI with all the Commands(82) and Togglables

(All commands are displayed, all commands are fully implemented. Here you can check if the command did come through:

  • Open the text box by pressing Enter.

  • Click on the command button.

  • If the command is processed successfully, it will NOT show in the text box.

  • If the command still appears in the text box, you'll need to manually type and complete it. (example: "/craft " tho it works)

) (Commands like /elite needs user input, select an NPC you want to turn elite and send it)

Added to every command an Description, hover over the "?" of the Button to display it. (That wasnt a fun experience to find out what each does.. ☠)

**Togglable:** (in UI at the left side of the screen)
- Free Crafting
- Infinite Carry Count (no debuffs and travel limitations)
- Invincible
- No Consume Item
- Drops x100
- 100% Pregnancy & No Miscarriage

Max Stack increased to 9999
- Drops always generate the highest possible stack drop chance or sometimes higher.
- NPC drops are +100 to +500 more drops

IMPORTANT: Checked thoroughly and coudn't recreate a bricked save file, I stemple it as safe.. so long its used on the right version of the game.(Tho the last updates from dev really changes many save features, so new game would be preferable)
EA Build V0.0.6 Beta Steam → Assembly-CSharp_v16.rar


According to

Throw a zero byte file called none.bat into Mad IslandMad Island_DataStreamingAssetsXML and it will be de-censored.

Creating a zero byte file (in Windows):
Have file extensions visible; if you don't know how to do that, Google it
Right click and select New>>Text File
Creates a New Text File.txt
Change name to none.bat
Say Yes to the file extension warning