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Lust Age

Game Description:

Welcome to Lust Age young aspirant! Here you will find all kinds of girls who want to meet you (no kidding!). But… What is Lust Age Keisi? I’m glad you asked me, aspirant!
Lust Age it’s a FREE adult VN Dating-Sim-Sandbox game with RPG aspects and features.

  • Extract and run.
- New content available: ALL DIFFICULTIES -
  • New main quest.
  • Natsuki's task (main quest).
  • New date available: Natsuki.
  • Natsuki's level cap: 4 (all stats).
- New content available: NORMAL/HARD -
  • Yuna's sexiness task (mini-game).
  • New affinity options: Alina, Myra, Natsuki.
- New feature: THRONE -
  • This new feature is aimed at people who have been supporting the development of LA for a long time.
  • Includes figures of the King Aspirants and Kings' favourite girls (images, fetishes, loops).
  • Location: Board (MC's room, wardrobe, board). There's a figure of Lisapi you can interact with.
  • An option called "simple purification" has been added.
  • If you have problems with fps drops, spikes, etc, this option is for you. It works similar to easy mode: You look for a Moonstar, appears... purifies instantly.
  • In exchange for this, to avoid any disadvantage, you will only receive one Moon essence.
NOTE: Talk to Suna or Enya for more details on this new option. - FETISHES -
  • Complete the quest "The White Dress" to unlock the possibility to give any kind of gift to Natsuki, including the basic butt plug.
General changes (all modes)
  • Added new checks in blackjack. Now you should not lose if your opponent has more than 21 points, and you should not lose even if you have more points than your opponent (less than 21).
  • The way the pop-up of your favourite girl (general interface) has been redesigned. Now, the icon of her level (number, all stats) appears, and if there is no task, the "no task available" text does not appear (nor the stat text).
General changes (hard mode)
  • Now if you don't have any Heart fragment, the chance of getting it is 50% instead of 25%.
Bug fixes
  • Now when you talk to the Accountant (Refuge), you no longer get a black screen.
  • When you give a gift to Tali, it should no longer jump to the trust gift menu if you are not in that menu.
  • The same applies to Myra (thongs), jumping to Alina's menu.
  • Fixed missing text in the Accountant.
  • The achievement "Changes" should unlock correctly.
  • The achievement "New in town with benefits" (hard mode), should show unlocked correctly in the achievements interface.
  • Other minor bugs (text, interface, etc).
First Anniversary: Welcome to LA's first-anniversary short game! It's a short game in which you can do the following things with Lisapi, Tali, Glenda, and Yuna:
  • Pose in her underwear.
  • Pose naked.
  • A quickie.
  • With Glenda, there is an extra option (pee and feet).
Each girl except Lisapi has a little dedication to the Kings according to their favorite girl. Second Anniversary: About the game: Spend a day with Vanessa and the girls! Throughout the day you will end up in the Tavern playing BlackJack with different girls: Yuna, Arwen, Mara, and Vanessa herself. Can you beat them all? There's a juicy reward!
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 5.12 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide