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Luna Reloaded

Game Description:

She doesn’t know who she is. Just her name. Luna.
She doesn’t know how she ended up in the cursed lands, an area any sane person avoids.
The Hellions, a tribe of warrior women, found her in the ruins, unconscious but unharmed.
They rescued her, welcomed her into their home…and now they need her help.
Surrounded by enemies, disliked by their neighboring nobles, and targeted by their own king.
The Hellions are going to need a miracle if they want to survive these times of turmoil.
Or maybe they need the help of one woman.

  • Extract and run.
- 400 + renders Hints/spoilers: 1 Mordred's sidequest (bimbo path) Luna can go to Mordred to ask for help. It's pretty straightforward. Luna can decide to drink or not. If she doesn't, the quest ends there. In case she decided to drink, she can either try to resist or surrender. If she tries to resist, she is going to remember what happened (slightly different scene.) 2 Interrogate the witness. Whether Luna met with Mordred or not, the captain will allow her to interrogate the witness(one of the tavern's patrons.) Luna will get three options: A - Manhandle him(basically intimidate him) - Dominant option B - Bribe him (Only if she has 30 coins or more) C - Listen to his request - Submissive options In case A: She will basically beat him out. After that, Luna can decide if that was enough punishment or if she also wants to humiliate him. In case C Luna can either "act like an innocent maiden" (resisting the patron's advances) or act like an experienced wench. The two scenes are a bit different, but they end the same way (blowjob + sex scene) 3 Night-out with Jirvah After she comes back to the inn, Luna realizes that Jirvah is feeling a bit low She can : A: Go out with Jirvah. B: Go to sleep (in this case, update 0.15 ends here.) If she goes out with Jirvah: Jirvah will stop to gamble ( three-card trick). Unless Luna has at least 20 coins, Jirvah will lose. If Luna has at least 20 coins, she can help her recoup her losses. (Luna's dominance must also be 15 or higher, otherwise Jirvah will just lose again). After the game, Luna and Jirvah will start drinking. There are two options here: A: Drink (submissive choice) B: Drink but try to retain control. (dominant choice) A - Drink Both Luna and Jirvah get drunk. A few minutes later, a thug starts molesting Luna. Jirvah saves Luna. After that, Luna will have to decide if she wants to kiss Jirvah. If she does kiss her, Jirvah will say that she wants to feel good. Luna will have to decide if she wants to thank Jirvah for saving her (with a Cunnilingus) B - Drink but try to retain control There is a dominance check here (Required dominance:15). If Luna doesn't pass the check, she will lose control and get drunk (see above A - Drink.) If Luna does pass the check, Jirvah will get drunk. A few minutes later, a thug starts molesting Jirvah. Luna saves her. Only if Luna trained Jirvah : Luna will be able to punish Jirvah for misbehaving. (spanking scene)
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 3.45 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).