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Game Description:

Lumaria is an RPG for adults with classic MMO systems such as enchanting, crafting, resource mining, and mob farming. It also includes mechanics for gifting and having relationships with girls, a day and night system that affects NPC behavior, a bestiary, and many other smaller systems.
All monsters of this world are controlled by monster girls, after fighting with them you have a chance to get their summoning stone and sign a contract with them, after which you can take her to the group, send her on a hunt, increase her favor to open new sex scenes.

  • Extract and run.
Girls' level has been fixed.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 907.40 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

Bunch of tips:

The grind is tedious but i wouldn't really call the game difficult.
There is severe lack of handholding as many mechanics are never explained or even mentioned that they exist, they should probably get dedicated quests to introduce you to them.

Bunch of tips:
- in the beginning bargain to lower the price of the mansion to get some extra leftover gold
- supplies are cheaper in the town than near the dungeon, always shop there
- you won't need potions untill floor 9+ and even then it should be mostly for the 3 v 4 fights on floor 10 and floor 10 boss fight
- buy lots of food that can only heal outside of fights in the city, its cheaper than potions
- you won't need any mana untill level 10-15 when you get your first skill, and even then its mostly useless outside floor 10 boss fight
- do yourself a favour and set automatic fight to on, attack animation to fastest and auto fight to skill, like i said the grind will be tedious so the faster you do this the less annoyed you get later ;)
- you will get a chance to use pickaxe in the forest (so no mining in rat dungeon), no idea what is the point of green one and foxes are tough bastards so ignore it in the beginning
- in the beginning you will mostly grind floors 1-2 and will have to heal every 1-2 fight, use the guild quest rewards extensively (go back to claim them as soon as you meet the requirement) to not go into the red with your spendings, later a single item drop will net you plenty of gold for supplies
- when on the world map screen, time passes no matter if you are moving or not, and you don't actually have to walk to the destination, as soon as the border of whole region lights up, press enter immediately and choose the target location, that will save you a lot of in game time and you can clear all existing content within the first week (i never even knew there is weekly upkeep cost...)
- SAVESCUM the enchanting, with how tedious it is to grind out a SINGLE desired item at 1% drop chance don't bother with a possibility to lose it when upgrading to +6-7
- for the presents, every girl will like only a specific kind of present that will award relationship, chocolate for maid (there is a bug with sprite that will remain on the screen when you gift it i believe) as well as scout ratgirl, doll for the knight ratgirl and cake for the rat slayer
- you can get the goddesses blessing going up and from the mansion region and church is to the right, honestly i cleared 90% of the content before i disovered it

In general, the RNG and grind is pretty bad.
I think you should add the equipment/recipes of higher levels to shops based on adventurer rank.
Also locations are BIG, but there is hardly anything interesting anywhere, it would probably be best to add portal or item to teleport to mansion and/or shops etc. (maybe add vendors to mansion for a price?).

also bug reports:
- as guy above mentioned crafting blue medium boots gives you blue light boots
- giving chocolate to elf maid makes the player spring appear and stay on the screen forever...
- purple two handed sword does not have an option to enchant it for some reason.

"you won't need any mana untill level 10-15 when you get your first skill"

False. You get your first skill at 5: Powerful Attack for Hero, Quick Blade for the Scout.