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Lucid Lust

Game Description:

Lucid Lust is an adult software to create, share and play 100% customizable adult scenarios.

  • Extract and run.
New Options: - Free Camera Mode: Press F1 to enable/disable this new mode! - Every Window: Added text box components to input slider values with the keyboard - Every Color Slider: Added color box components to input colors via hex codes - Eyes Window: Added a custom Tear Duct Color - Breasts Window: Added an Opacity Slider for the nipples - Breasts Window: Added a Rotation Slider for each nipple - Pussy Window: Added an off-limit switch - Skin Window: Added a custom Flesh Color - Skin Window: Added Skin Texture Slider - Skin Window: Added Skin Roughness Slider New Content: - Added 135 Eyeshadows Colors - Added 2 Eyeliners (20 Total) + 42 Eyeliners Colors - Added 18 Lipstick Colors - Added 5(15) Tattoos (53(159) Total) - Added 8 Body Details - Added 2 Face Details - Added 42 Poses (49 Total) - Added 4 Skin Roughness Textures Quality of Life Improvements: - Windows default positions are now all vertically centered - Scenario Sliders Window is now only named Scenario in the Dropdown menu (to keep it short) - Newly saved Lucid Girl will now generate a code storing its version - Old codes will be marked as old until saved again in v0.0.95 or higher - Hex codes are in addition to being interpreted, generated whenever you move a color slider - You can input hex codes with or without #, and with or without upper cases - You can now copy/paste custom colors and values - To keep reasonable window sizes, drawer menus have been implemented Graphics Improvements: - Added Hair Quality options to the Graphics Settings - Skins textures have been cleaned and streamlined - You can now press F5/F6 to enable/disable current haircut shadows Bug Fixed: - Fullscreen UIs are now fully covering extra wide screen ratios - Breasts Gravity Slider has been revamped due to a float imprecision error - Fixed Eyebrows Bump not showing Breaking Change - Previously saved Lucid Girls (<v0.0.95) now load: - Default flesh color - Default tear duct color - Previously generated codes (<0.0.97) will not work if gravity wasn't set to either 0%,100%, or 200% Overall Progress: - Lucid Girl's Adaptative Animation and Collision System is done
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.56 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).