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Love and Corruption

Game Description:

Love and Corruption is a text-based, turn-based combat game where you’ll be able to explore a growing universe, discover a world with different types of creatures, races, spells, and locations to explore. You will play as a man who has just suffered a wave of loss, and finds himself in the midst of a total change in his life, and you will make the decisions that will affect his life after all that.​

  • Extract and run on the browser.
This release is full of surprises. The first, the Ghorza rework. Lots of new events, reworked dynamics... The second one, a huge job for our UI. The game will now look different, and you will notice it. Much prettier and more colorful. - Total rework for Khae, total revamp and huge expansion
- New dating event​
- New dialogs​
- Khae&Rinny new house map​
- Routine for the girls​
- Reworked/Added dialogues for Rinny​
- New events​
- First warm massage (Unique event)​
- First love night (Unique event)​
- Repeable scenes​
- Missionary​
- Let her ride​
- Doggystyle​
- Sex system (With unique variations for Khae)​
- Morning Footjob​
- Bath events​
- Spendtime together​
- Doggystyle​
- Total rework for Ghorza, long time needed... And surprise
- Reworked all dialogues and relationship dynamics​
- Dating and spendtime events​
- New events​
- First blowjob (Unique event)​
- First night together (Unique event)​
- Repeable scenes​
- Cowgirl​
- Lotus​
- Missionary​
- Sex system (With unique variations for Ghorza)​
- Taste the cherry​
- Boobjob​
- Morning blowjob​
- Bath events​
- Spendtime together​
- Doggy bath​
- Breast massage​
- There's a possibility that I wrote some more scene, but I don't remember where... Probably for Usanna xD - Total and massive rework of the game UI
- Much more prettier now... ''Very time consuming!''​
- Battle, sex sys, macros, text, enchantment colorful... You will notice​
- Tons of polishing, especially battle, macros, and enchantment system. - Added new option to the castle - walls
- First part... I'll add the raids event later​
- Added the Gallery - Artworks added
- Ellaryel cuddling​
- Khae missionary​
- Luna bathing​
- Alder artwork​
- Kristha artwork​
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 313 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide