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Lord Goblin

Game Description:

Welcome to Greenwood, Lord Goblin!
In our new game you play a pathetic goblin slave, owned by the beautiful but cruel Witch-Queen Az’ea.
Until, that is, a spell of hers goes wrong and your roles are reversed!
Now you are the one giving the orders to Az’ea and the staff of lovely maids that work at Greenwood Manor.
You’ll need to govern your lands, renovate your castle and train up your naïve maids!
The game features beautiful illustrations and animations,
talented voice actors and a harem of sexy girls who are going to slowly learn to love having a goblin as their master…​

  • Extract and run.
- Gameplay & UI related changes: - 'Main Menu' screen After the big leap forward in the game design last month, this month we had to tie up a lot of loose ends and get the schedule back on track for early-month releases. Az'ea's romance story continues, with a flashback and a new conversation in the game, but we've also been putting in some effort to polish up a lot of the recent additions to the game. Major changes: The full, detailed change log is attached below, and in the game by clicking the version number on the menu screen.
  • A new flashback scene about Az'ea's past with Lord Goblin, available if you build up her love score.
  • A new conversation with Az'ea, available if you upgrade her study a second time.
  • 8 new holding court events.
  • Further tooltip improvements to make them look better and contain more useful information.
  • Developed and improved the weather graphics significantly, building on the system introduced last release.
  • General tweaking, rebalancing and bug fixing.
Added an option to jump to the most recent content upon starting a 'New Game' - 'New Game' Starting 'Artisans' adjusted from 10 to 20 Starting 'Soldiers' adjusted from 5 to 10 Starting 'Security' adjusted from 40 to 60 Starting 'Max Secutiry' adjusted from 50 to 75 - 'Manor' screen 'Az'ea flashback 02' dialogue added 'Az'ea throwing a tantrum' dialogue added Weather system visuals/sounds tweaked (WIP) - 'Maid Job' screen Bonus from Maids 'Cooking Skill' when 'Cooking' adjusted from 'Cooking Skill/10' to 'Cooking Skill/5' Maids now have a 25% chance to gain 1 skillpoint when selecting 'Cooking/Sweeping/Laundry' - 'Maid Interaction' screen Removed the 5 'Energy' cost when using the 'Praise' action - 'Holding Court' screen 'Need for Mead: Most Wanted' Random event added 'Strange turnips' Random event added 'Bumper crop!' Random event added 'Impudent peasants!' Random event added 'No space for clothes' Random event added 'Do NOT go in there!' Random event added 'Fight in the entry hall' Random event added 'A soldier quits!' Random event added - 'Ritual' scenes Added a tooltip displaying the Maid's current Energy (when hovering 'Make her finish' choice) - Bug fixes / Miscellaneous: Minor fixes Some tooltips have been tweaked
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 341.0 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).