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Light-Space Love

Game Description:

The Story
The game takes place in the year 8643. You play as Captain Linessa Star,
Commander of Repopulation Colony: Deep Six Nine.
Deep Six Nine is one colony in the galaxy among many that were founded by the Federation.
The Federation is responsible for assisting Xeno species that are in danger of extinction by helping them reproduce.
The Federation achieves this goal by utilizing genetic technology that allows members of the Federation,
to get impregnated by (or to impregnate) members of different species.

  • Extract and run.
  • Gameplay & Story Changes
    • Intro Scene has been revamped -- added in new characters, new enemies, lewd scenes and gave player more choices to try to escape and new side mission unique to starting area.
    • Added new characters to the game’s intro, adding four new unique characters as well as making the prison much more explorable and relevant to the story.
    • Added new Maps and Backgrounds to the starting area.
    • Encounters will no longer be scattered randomly in maps in the prison waypoint. Instead they’ll be in areas where it “makes sense”. I.E. the guard station.
    • Updated Dialogue with the guard in Linessa’s starting cell.
    • Updated Dialogue with Alliqua and made improvements to her first lewd scene.
  • UI Changes
    • Scrollbars should be more responsive now.
  • Diplomacy Changes
    • Enemies can now “Grapple” Linessa, causing the enemies she’s engaged with to hold her down – restricting the actions she can take during Diplomacy until she breaks free or defeats her enemies.
    • The background during Diplomacy will now correctly update to the current map’s background.
    • Added an “Anal Sex” cut-in for when Linessa has “Anal Sex” with a female detractor.
    • Linessa’s orgasms will now reduce her lust as well as her willpower.
    • Unique encounters that have their own soundtrack should now play correctly. (Such as Alliqua’s first boss fight).
    • Linessa’s Willpower, Lust and Pleasure bars will now glow/radiate as they’re approaching a critical point to give them more visibility.
  • Dialogue Changes
    • The “Hide” button in Dialogue will also now hide dialogue choices.
    • Added an Autoplay button, so Dialogue will automatically play without player input.
    • Added a Skip option if the player holds the CTRL key, dialogue will rapidly skip as long as the key is being held down.
    • When Lewd scenes start, the Dialogue box will become hidden.
  • Mini-Map
    • Linessa can now roll to Stealth past enemies that are on the map for certain entrances that are “blocked” by encounters.
      • When Linessa fails the stealth roll, she’ll start an Encounter in the newly added Grappled state.
      • When all enemies on that map are cleared, then the player will be able to Travel to that location without having to stealth.
    • When traveling directly to a new location on the map, it now has a description with an image of the map of the next location.
    • Added map objects – Linessa can interact with these by either “Manipulating” them or “Forcing” them – which causes her to roll with a Body or Mind modifier to attempt to open the object for its rewards.
    • Added NPCs to the maps.
    • Seduce changed to Sway for trying to “persuade” enemies instead of starting combat with them.
    • Conversate changed to Interact when choosing a Topic with a character on the map.
  • Misc. Changes
    • Updated Fleet Commander Deckhard’s character art.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Dialogue should now correctly start during the start of an encounter.
    • Fixed Cut-Ins art so they are now cropped correctly.
    • Dialogue should now start correctly at the end of an encounter.
    • The map will now ignore characters that are disabled on the map, which should prevent soft locks from happening when traveling between maps. (No characters were disabled in the previous version, but this is something that may come up in the future.)
    • During Diplomacy, enemies should no longer try to strip Linessa if she’s already nude.
    • Full screen support enabled!
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 603.64 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).