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Life Choices

Game Description:

You’ve lived all your life in a small village adjacent to The Lake District. You never really been to a big city as mum and dad told you Liverpool and Manchester were full of dangers. But a week after you turned 17 you’re parents got divorced and you were forced to choose who to live with. There was no right or wrong choice, still whatever choice you wanted to make felt wrong, as if you were cheating on the other parent. So that is the start and a year later Lizzy ends up in Amsterdam. Will she be able to not fall into the dangerous downward spiral of drugs, sex, prostitution and the like? It is up to you.‚Äč

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on Life choices Vx.x.x.x.html to start playing.
  • For additional instructions, please check the Data folder. I've included a text file and a picture to help you install it correctly.
- Fixed the width of the perk section at the start of the game so it is actually using the whole width of the screen now. - ty itslydiabxtch - Toggling the perfume in the Diary pages now no longer shows an error. - ty GladiusVictorius - Fixed the Henry encounter. No idea why I thought it wasn't bugged as it clearly was. Sorry all. Fixed several minor bugs here and there. Should now work. - ty Jameshern, BodilyParts, Terakahn, pornojonas, coper & mattjones0805. - Summer has been spotted at the party again! - ty Jameshern - Fixed a bug in the workbutton Widget causing it so show an error in the left side menu. - ty julzor for detailed description helped me find it super quick. - Fixed a dead end in the 'lost' city event when taking the bus. - ty julzor - Corrected a typo in the SuperDry store. It now says 'sporting outfits'. - Fixed a dead end in the shower - ty GladiusVictorius & Jared Gandy - Fixed the Gloryhole dead end. - ty GXT145 and many others. - Fixed the dead end when returning from Adam's visit when choosing not to 'help' Adam. - ty ConsoleCog - Buying the Museum card now opens up the museums. - ty bolondro2 & Thisguy01 - Fixed an issue with the event where Lizzy could find a book, glasses or a phone in the park. - ty EAngelinaC - Fixed (I hope) an issue with topless sunbathing in the park which also affected the normal yoga - ty EAngelinaC - When giving the clown a BJ in the park at night, it now plays the correct vid. - ty EAngelinaC - Removed a double video playing-code at the beach booth. - ty EAngelinaC - Fixed an issue when taking computer lessons at the library. - ty EAngelinaC - Fixed an issue where ordering snacks in the stripbar would make Lizzy magically end up in the pub. - ty vulf Known bugs/possible issues: - Also, lying on the towel in the park, there are topless/nude versions of all of the activities except for drinking a breezer, which is still fully dressed. - ty EAngelinaC - The makeup tutorial has a grey "Makeup skill improved slightly" and affects $MakeupSkillR which doesn't have a green +1 Skill notification and doesn't show on Character Stats until it's enough to change $MakeupSkill and Lizzie refreshes her makeup. - ty EAngelinaC - If you have multiple debts due, they aren't listed on separate lines, so they'll run together like: - ty EAngelinaC
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.53 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).