Legend of Krystal: Rebirth Remake porn xxx game download cover

Legend of Krystal: Rebirth Remake

Game Description:

In LOK: Rebirth you play as a young female lieutenant, fighter pilot of the Federation. You are sent on a mission on an unexplored planet, where nothing will go as planned. How will you fare on this hostile world? How will the natives welcome you? Will you survive the… particular flora and fauna? In this adventure full of dangers you will also find trustworthy companions, friends, and perhaps even lovers. But don’t let your guard down, this planet has terrible secrets, and will affect you way beyond what you could imagine.​

  • Extract and run.
+ Switched game to 2D + New In-Game Map to allow transitions to Planet, Federation Ship, and Level overview + Federation Ship Map Menu + Razorclaw Map Menu Icons + New Loading Screen + Memories + 4 adult scenes from the tech build included in Memories + 2 new non-adult scenes included + Razorclaw Village with 3 Levels + Day/Night system + New Level Management system to keep track of the 50+ planned game levels + New Data-Tool system for managing all different aspects of the game data + Meiri + Vanlen + Sek all angles + Keakrix all angles + Razorclaw Guards + Improvements to the Level and Skills + Hunger/Health system more or less finalized + Lust mechanic setup + Difficulties and other menus have been rewritten + Bandaged Clothing + Federation Outfit + K’s Federation Outfit + Cheetah Outfit + Sek’s Outfit + Minigame system + Cooking Minigame + Cooking art and FX + Cooking items and ingredients + System to generate brand new items in real-time based on existing items and applying changes to them (Ingredients having unique uses counts and cooked food having unique effects). + Added Flipped variation for non-symmetrical characters (Keakrix’s flipped hair on one side) + Character customization + Character recolorization + Custom user icons + General UI Improvements + Control improvements + More Companion options + Character Day/Night cycles + Dynamic Post-Processing saturation based on Time of Day + New Game State Controller to handle the game state and transitions + Audio reaplcements and improvements + Audio in new game mechanics/UI + Lootable containers + Custom Content Manager tool for game content + Torches based on Time of Day + New Beginnings Quest + Authentication Manager to manage reward checks and get authentication information from the Launcher + Overhauled scenes system to operate with Bolt, Unity’s Visual Scripting Language + Character spawner with custom configurations for speech + Character spawner can interact with Bolt events + Generic Character support currently used for guards. + Replaced old hand-made Actionables system with Bolt events + Overhauled Triton to work with Bolt and provide a better user-experience + Talking animation for females + Emotes system currently used to power Sek’s reading/anviling + Dragable items + Merchants UI updated + Overhauled Dialogue display and functionality + Dialogue Barks + Gatherable objects that give items after the user gathers for long enough on it + More things we’re probably forgetting. General Bugs, UI, Animation, Writing, and Game Feel updates. + Added ESC text to looting and sleeping menu + Character unlock indicates if the character is a companion + Added Item tooltip to companion equipment overview in Companion Manager menu + Added Item Category filtering to the item log + Added Item Outline depending on the category, and category icon + Added Item Background tint depending on the armor type if the item is an equippable item + Added Raw Variation for cookable items + Replaced Raw Eggs with a Bird Egg + Added toggle to dialogue to determine if dialogue should be animated or not + Added delay to end of speech + Added delay to commas, periods, hyphens, and ellipsis + Added coming soon text to memories save selection + Added Appius and life-cycle to be briefly in three different levels in a day ~ Adjusted game speed ~ Adjusted stamina ~ Adjusted hunger ~ Changed how the dialogue determines custom character entries ~ Fixed item tooltip saying ‘Cooked Bonuses’ if no cooked bonuses were available ~ Fixed issue where dialogue would cancel twice and pause the game occassionally ~ Fixed exiting to menu and loading save doesn’t unload your game and reload to the new one. ~ Updated Conversation Log data ~ Fixed issue where intro conversation didn’t appear in log properly ~ Fixed typo in Planet Map faction, missing r in Urzukai ~ Fixed Torcs and Respect being flipped in the Merchant UI ~ Fixed deformity in Razorclaw Village west around the Female Communal Tent ~ Changed cooking input to left click to flip and right click to take ~ Changed cooking instructions to display at start ~ Fixed post processing flickering occasionally ~ Fixed Character Leveling title typo tooltip in game guide ~ Fixed starting off with 5 attribute points by default for main character ~ Fixed being unable to crouch if in forced sprint mode ~ Fixed saturation/post processing not applying in dialogue and cooking ~ Fixed locked companions from spawning then despawning ~ Fixed Add to Party button not updating companion manager ~ Fixed party status in the in-game UI ~ Fixed the game from randomly taking over movement when using hold to move functionality ~ Fixed Merchant and Looting menus from displaying undiscovered items ~ Fixed emotes not being applied on load ~ Fixed being able to trade on undiscovered characters ~ Fixed notifications from stopping when in a menu ~ Quest Entry in Log menu displays ‘Complete’ if complete ~ Fixed visual glitches on Cooking Rock ~ Fixed character tooltip saying ‘Disocver this Item’… ~ Fixed Item Entry in Log menu displaying items discovered on day 0, time 0:0 ~ Fixed public build from accessing console ~ Fixed Keakrix ~ Fixed skin coloring issues ~ Fixed Meiri’s bed from being locked while you’re in the level, following the intro sequence ~ Fixed sleeping moans still playing after loading a new save. ~ Fixed Authentication Manager attempting to delete file from windows temp path. ~ Fixed Sleep moans from replaying after getting up Other Notes: – All tents and tent interiors are in the works. – Character quests with the Chieftain and Galdryn are not available in this release. – Backgrounds and minor details are still being tweaked/being worked on. – Background 2D lighting/Day-Night Cycle is still being tweaked/worked on. – Interactive items are still being worked on. – Guards and guards diversity/outfit diversity. – Lizardfolk diversity (Skin/Scale coloration, markings, hairstyles and outfits). – More characters and Backgrounds/Areas will be added soon/through next patches.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 702.05 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).