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Game Description:

You play as the main character that was sent to prison and found a way to break free. Now you have to reestablish relationships and build new ones in order to build your empire. You can do it legitimately or illegally the option is yours to make. You can build a harem along the way. The goal is to build your empire, while avoiding getting sent back to prison.​

  • Extract and run.
Bug fixes -Gym --- There was a bug where you were unable to enter the gym this has been fixed. -Delivery Boy --- During the Delivery Boy job, you were unable to complete the job. This has been resolved and you are now able to continue the job. Changes - Cheat Codes --- Cheat codes can now be accessed thru your Cell Phone immediately more accessible - Computer --- You are no longer able to access Quest and Jobs from the Computer as this is redundant since you can access both from side menu. -Agent --- You now gain reputation by selling drugs. Different locations offer different amount of reputation earned. - Homes For Everyone --- The Real Estate Company’s name has been changed to Luxury Living Realty and is located now in District 4. - Burglary --- Burglary System has been reworked - Diamond Necklaces --- Found at Regal Regalia - College --- Now named Crestview University - Changes In Stars --- Diana Prince changed to Sophia Leone --- Kalina Ryu changed to London Keyes Additions - Special thanks page --- A page dedicated to all the Patreons that have donated to this game - Gray Fox Job --- Unlocks burglary event for you after completion --- Available at Raven’s - Delivery Boy 2 + 3 --- New jobs added to help the player explore the different points of interest - Velvet Cinemas --- Movie theater available in District 4. There’s a total of four movies and each day two movies can be seen. Each movie gives a temporary boost to either Strength, Dexterity, Charisma or Intelligence. - Rain Maker (Drinks) --- You are able to buy drinks at the bar now. Rum and Coke and Midnight Kiss. -----Rum and Coke: Provides a buff to Charisma at the cost of a debuff to Intelligence -----Midnight Kiss: A drink made only by Paige (Siri) that costs more than the standard Rum and Coke and doesn’t increase Charisma as much as a Rum and Coke will but doesn’t have the debuff effect on Intelligence. - Rain Maker (Siri) --- You can now continue your conversation with Siri from the quest Blood Thicker Than Water or start a new one if you have already completed the quest. --- 2 Sex Scenes added - Rain Maker (Nia Nacci) --- You can now meet Nia Nacci at Rain Maker when trying to get into the VIP Section - Rain Maker (VIP) --- With enough Reputation you can pay to party it up (resulting in an increase in Reputation) and who knows whose eye you might catch by renting out the VIP section for a night. - Regal Regalia --- A high end shop located in District 5 where you can purchase high end gifts - Forbidden Fruit --- Owned by Katrina Jade --- Can be used to purchase sex toys as gifts - Increasing HG Rank --- For now can be done at Raven’s for $10,000,00 - Sophia Leone --- Burglary Sex Scene - London Keyes --- Burglary Sex Scene - Kat Dior --- Can be seen at Regal Regalia - Alex Coal --- Can be seen at Velvet Cinemas - Cell Phone --- Can be found at the side menu. Used to set up dates and to see your current standing with other characters and some information about those characters. --- Personal Information ----- You can see your own stats here and in future patch select which skills you want to choose. --- Contacts ----- Here you can see how much each character likes you, and some information that can help the player get a better understanding of how to interact with certain characters of the story. You can also use this feature to set up dates. (Not fully completed. Consider this the beta version) ------- Available Characters: Madison Scott/ Lisa Williams Daisy Marie/ Carolina Ferreira Raven Jasmine Jae/ Claire Proulx Thomas Malone Ray Ferreira Dino Savino Ralph Iveta Cassidy Banks/ Nadine Cyrille Kenzie Reeves/ Tina Wilson Jenna Haze/ Ryder Vienna Black/ Xandy Alanah Rae/ Zena Peta Jensen/ Elizabeth Poulsen Kira Noir/Regina Woods Aidra Fox/Tracie Hoffman Alison Tyler/ Rachel Winchell Evelin Stone/Foxy Alex Chance/Fiona Violet Monroe/Mauve Siri/Paige Rosamond Vina Sky/ Rina Yoshiko Jessa Rhodes/Cynthia Henry Hector Gaspar Lena Paul/ Annie Berger Phoenix Marie/ Helen Michaud Dani Daniels/ Valerie Martin Clyde Syren De Mer/ Catherine Lebel Alex Coal/ Maria Chamberlain Nia Nacci/ Tonya Hall Kat Dior/ Candice Rylee Katrina Jade/ Isabela Rocha Brooke L. Adams/ Dana Barclay
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 602 kB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).