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Game Description:

You will be a young prince that is not only in the middle of a crisis, but whose road to the throne is less than certain. The kingdom is ravaged by war, schemes, debt, and death among other things.

  • Extract and run.
Content: Increased the dowager queen's events up to 22, with 3 new H-Events included. Gameplay: New world map once again. Baron mode is back, but it no longer has its own skirmish system. Added a few more buildings for some of the provinces. Removed "Military" menu Complete revamp of the skirmishes and battles: The short version is that it roughly works the same, it's just more fleshed out. So instead of for example having 13 units of light infantry that are indistinguishable from one another, you now get 13 companies of light infantry, each one with their own name, HP, culture, experience, quality of equipment, and whatnot. Units, or companies as I'll now refer to them as can now be upgraded from their light variants into their heavy ones. i.e. Light infantry upgrades into Heavy infantry. And they can also be downgraded into levies. (Levies can be upgraded into anything.) The training point currency is no longer a thing, instead, each company has an experience level that has to reach a certain number to be upgraded. If a building or edict tells you that it gives you training points, it now means that if you train a company in a certain province, they will earn more passive xp. (So training in an upgraded capital should be ideal.) To recruit light cavalry you need to have at least lv 1 stables in your city. Range units now have a speed stat which determines how many turns have to pass before they can loose their arrows again. Range units can only attack during the first 50 turns or so, however, logistics can alter this number positively or negatively. During a battle, you can now hover over the company symbols to check their stats. Some mechanics had to be deactivated in the meantime because this new system changed too many things. So you no longer get prisoners, and your character can't personally go into battle either. Different cultures always had different stats for some types of companies, but now some have slight visual differences to give them flavor and differentiate them even more. Added four more factions for flavor. (They still don't do much.) Included a secret skill for sexual prowess. That is why one of the dowager scenes has two variants. Changes Remade two assets for the court events. Added different production icons for each terrain type.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 293.0 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

Cheat Code:

Here you go for the more interesting ones :

popularkid :
Nobility = 100​

Merchants = 100​

Commoners = 100​

Church = 100​

celebrity :
Renown = 1000​

motherlode :
Gold += 1000​

spacemarines :
Training += 500​

spaceartesans :
Equipment += 500​

highspirits :
armies[playerkingdom][4] = 100​

armies[playerkingdom][28] = 100​

2000iq :
Diplomacy = 100​

Rhetoric = 100​

Public_speaking = 100​

Royal_etiquette = 100​

Martial = 100​

Strategy = 100​

Tactics = 100​

Logistics = 100​

Intrigue = 100​

Intelligence = 100​

Scheming = 100​

Lying = 100​

Stewardship = 100​

Administration = 100​

Trade = 100​

Production = 100​

Knowledge = 100​

History = 100​

Linguist = 100​

Medicine = 100​

Athletics = 100​

Endurance = 100​

Strength = 100​

Agility = 100​

Weapons = 100​

Swordsmanship = 100​

Polearms = 100​

Archery = 100​

Animal = 100​

Horsemanship = 100​

Dog_training = 100​

Falconry = 100​

Arts = 100​

Instrument = 100​

Dance = 100​

Poetry = 100​

OldTongue = "LibreBaskerville.ttf"​

DwarvenTongue = "LibreBaskerville.ttf"​

SouthernTongue = "LibreBaskerville.ttf"​

ElvenTongue = "LibreBaskerville.ttf"​


To use the cheat code, you need to click on the throne.​