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Game Description:

A virus has affected your system – Fight for your freedom against over 100 girls armed only with your body and a keyboard!
An adult typing game that requires both hands? The concept was too hilarious for me to pass up. ‚Äč

  • Extract
  • Open folders and launch "Start Keystroke.bat"
Huge Content Release New Cosplay Convention zone New Police Station zone 2 new Color World girls 2 new Stadium girls 6 game over scenes FINAL BOSS New Neon Nights boss New Library boss New Spooky town girl New Spooky Town boss New Campsite boss Optional Casual Mode which removes the typing timer Optional God Mode which lets you skip typing entirely Legendary hacks Tons of new hacks Over 40 new songs Over 200 typing phrases added Twice as many sounds More hypnosis results Horny condition complete rework Voyeur condition complete rework Sissy condition addition Countless bug fixes Countless grammar fixes Dynamic timer rework Hack database revamp Audio control revamp Intro/tutorial additions Estim tracks doubled Level skip Much more! v2.04 Patch Reset hack now showing up when you receive it. Kika actually gives a bug now. Fixed a stray estim track during final boss. Tori perma deletion fixed for Stadium encounter. Tons of grammar fixes. Roxetta notification removed upon loss. Pressing X on Crystal will no longer cause a petal to fall. Eva beach impatience changed to not crash or be as abrupt. Pressing X during 4 girl locker room scene now progresses things. You now need at least 1 to use the all hack. Spider gwen hack actually works now. Skip level hack no longer wins when used on level 5. Beach girls emogi changed. Taylor beach scene now has target count of 2. Details hack now gives correct percentages. Nedda emogi changed and now won't dance for your X presses. Estim calibration 50% sound now ends when done. 2 hints and more sound/estim added to final boss. Final boss Liya and Tori crashes and infinite loops hopefully finally fixed Alexis Police station crash fix File fragmentation now removed when you lose a heart Fixed major bug that was preventing Liya game over scene from being seen Fixed Tori game over scene jumping ahead Fixed Game over scenes allowing you to beat final boss immediately Fixed song change in Neon Nights Spooky heart loss file will not go negative anymore A few hacks were missing legendary hack interaction Ashlyn boss, Blake, and Cindy boss grammar fixes Repetition removed for Athena school scene Alexis cheerleader win comment fixed Rarity hack doesn't crash the game anymore and has been buffed to also remove uncommons Perma Tori deletion will no longer freeze the end of the game Perma Liya deletion will no longer freeze the end of the game Spooky heart loss scene should no longer have the lingering lose a heart notification afterwards Spooky heart loss should not loop anymore Additional warning for Draven encounter added Vampirism notification should be removed now after surviving it Swimsuit hack now added to hack list Estim manual calibration adjusted to hopefully no longer play 2 tones at once Yua beach encounter now works better for casual and god modes. Purify buffed to remove more hypnosis, wanted, and fixed bug for horny. Hospital breakfast in bed redundancy fixed. Hypnosis should not hurt you again when leaving hack database .
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.23 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

Bugfixes/ Version 2.04: