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Ionian Corps

Game Description:

Noxus has had a sudden rise in military might and all factions have been at war because of Noxus’ insatiable hunger for conquest and territorial expansion.
Because of Noxus’ military power being too great all the other factions are losing. Everyone’s decided to make an alliance and band together against their new common enemy. The alliance has decided to make small groups of elites to go behind the front lines of battle to bring down Noxus. Ionia has created the Ionian Corps to be the spearhead against Noxus.​

  • Extract and run.
- 7 new scenes - Ahri's beginning flash scene image with Albert has been improved - Almost all of the maps have been parallax mapped. They've either been redone or altered in some sort of fashion. A few haven't. - Gallery has been implemented! You can access it by checking out your inventory and there should be an item called "Gallery" with an image of a mirror. - Some item prices have changed. - Healing skills and and potions will take priority at the beginning of a new round. Some things still needing to be implemented or fixed in an upcoming version soon: - Avatar system - A few issues with the new gallery. I know there's an issue with some of the scenes not even showing up as a flame, but they do appear once you've unlocked it. - Weird clipped door of a building in Luviel south of the Lumberjack's house.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 380.5 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough (0.17)

Gallery Mod: MEGA

1. Extract the game using:!MshFQaST!4VOFmw2L4R6JmkFIoeD8o_aOb190AloN-4kqxmWXzqs
2. Back up your saves and keep a fresh installation at hand
3. Extract the www/ to the unpacked game folder and overwrite the existing files (default should be %DEFAULT FOLDER% in the same place and the big .exe)
4. Start the game and open the Costume Menu DO NOT SKIP THIS, IT'S EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
5. Play!


-Added a Scene Gallery: all scenes can be viewed at the Gallery at any given time from the menu. Scenes can be unlocked and locked at any time now, unlocking the scenes will allow the player to experience scenes not yet seem in the game and lock it again if they desire to hide them again.
Note: Use in dark environments such as caves will cause dark images in the Gallery, stick to light places.
Note 2: Unlocking or locking the gallery has no impact on progress, it will just bypass the requirements and show the proper thumbs.

-Added a Revamped Costume System: costumes can be selected from the menu instead of items, toggled on and off by pressing 'N' and will turn semi-transparent when the player moves near it.

-Added a Speed Up Button: by pressing 'B' the payer will toggle the speed up and down.
Note: the speed will be defaulted in certain areas, in which you will have to press 'B' twice (since the game turned it down but the mod is still in speed up switch).

-Added a new font and realigned the menus to compensate for the new options.
Still unsure about this one, if you don't like edit fonts/gamefont.css with notepad and and change Bellefair-Regular for mplus-1m-regular.ttf (default) or any font of your taste.

-Added a Minimap: hit M to bring a minimap in the corner of the screen, it tracks the movement of the player in a miniature of the current map.
Note: this is not fully tested, as proper testing would require playing the entire game again, but fixing errors should be easy, so just ping me.