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Game Description:

Main character got sent to an alien world. Where she struggles for survival.

If you would like to discover this game for yourself, don’t read this. It contains spoilers and hints of this game.

Player gets food from feeding places. Which are these human torsos on the walls. Currently only 3 types of feeding places are active. 1 more will be added later. First video to make it hard. Then you can choose between 3 positions. Only vaginal gets her pregnant, others are safe. Except female torso, will never make her pregnant. Each position has 2 videos. First video is for warm up, second is for feeding. To get maximum amount of food it is wise do not speed it up. At character screen you can see above yellow ball, how hungry she is.

At power level 101 she can get a key to open doors. After 8 times with LV1 and 5 times with LV2 and LV3 feedingplace. There is a second option for acquiring LV2 key. At power level above 100 while mating with spider creature. She can get LV2 key. And LV3 key she can get from Maggot Lady on map 2. While she has symbiotic ability and looses against her. Enemy must be horny for that.

When she gets pregnant. After some time, she will give birth to her. Player can’t interact with enemies or feeding places while she is holding the baby. You have to drop the baby on the ground while crouching. She will start crying if she gets dropped from too high or when she walks on her. Put her down while crouching. To stop her from crying, she needs to be taken in the arms. Babies can be held in the nest. They can only be breastfed in the nest area and will become hungry over time. When baby becomes hungry, she starts crying. If player is outside nest and one of the babies becomes hungry, enemies will eat them all. 1 baby needs to be fed up to 3 times to get maximum time before she gets hungry again.

She can offer her baby to dog while it is horny. By holding baby in arms and going near dog. An option shows left bottom corner. Better do that while crouching it will not attack you then. After that scene she gets energy and if power not too high, power elixir as well. If offering her normal baby 4 times like that she will become bad mother and change her stance to future babies. Can be seen in character screen while with baby. If offering monster baby she will not become bad mother.

Power elixir increases her Health and power level over time. The amount of power elixir she got after scenes can be viewed on character screen. (Button C) Bottom right corner. She will not get anymore power elixir from spiders and dogs if power level above ~100.

Most enemies get horny over time and she can mate with them. For that she must crawl (ctrl+alt). And let enemy come close. Main character gets stronger and more HP while mating with enemies. Dog like enemy kills her after mating. Spider like enemy does not. When her power level is above 100. Her body changes and she will get more familiar with feeding places. This means the warm up video will become shorter and the feeding part becomes longer. So she will get more food from feeding places.

On map2 when troll rapes her she gets pregnant and gives birth to a monster baby. She will not get hungry over time. If you drop her near an enemy she will attack it and when enemy goes KO she will come back to her mother. Currently it only works with dog enemies. Her strength depends from her mothers power level. When she got hurt, her health will recover slowly while on mothers arms. She will vanish on reload.

Map 2 has hittable spots on walls that can be destroyed. To get access to other areas.

On map3 in the desert she can get 2 abilities. Regen ability is located upper far right cave. Which gives her faster healing and the ability to survive some deadly enemy scenes like with dogs and spiders.(!Must not be symbiotic!) In bottom cave centre of the map she can get Symbiotic ability. With that she get Seducing gas skill and an option to eat enemies while they KO. With gas attack enemies stop attacking and an extra sex scene option will show when get close to it. WARNING! as a symbiotic she can not get pregnant or breastfeed her baby.

  • Extract and run.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 3.35 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).