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Game Description:

Grove is an M/M focused NSFW RPG following the journey of an adventurer as he attempts to venture into the far north of an unexplored land. You play as Grove, a skilled dragon explorer and cartographer assisting in the main island colonisation.

  • Extract and run.
- Added mouse-over tooltips for most states when in battle. - Increased base m.attack scaling of Azure Bolt. - Increased buff duration of Sigil Concentration state by one turn. - Sigil Infusion proc chance increased from 33% to 50% - Sigil Infusion - Azure Bolt defense debuff increased. - Sigil band m.attack buff reduced. - Jellicap m.def reduced. - Triple Blitz damage scaling increased - Weapons (except for the starting dagger) can now be sold. - Added additional text to the pile of timber in the Slime Cavern - Underworld area. --- - Added a switch to disable the bat from ending the fight when the sleep event is activated. - Fixed instance of description text clipping. - Staggering dash buff removed after battle. - Lightweight Dyed Armour description adjusted. - TS_Bookmark plugin updated. - Fixed issue that caused 50 points of the player’s HP to be removed upon game load when the Regulation Knight set is equipped. - Blasting Powder will now be correctly removed from the player’s inventory when interacting with the empty barrel during the Mine side quest. - Added ‘worn’ and ‘un-worn’ options to the Undergarment Lab scene when in the gallery. - Added a moat around the slug island to prevent players from getting captured by the Primal Slug before unlocking the Jump Sigil. - Fixed incorrect pathing when taking a seat during the Bandit Leader’s proposal section. - Removed instances of gallery post battle eventing causing the pet function to be reenabled. - Fixed instance of Mercenary hall hub interior warping Grove to an older variant of the Mercenary Camp map. - Removed instance of transition flash in the Deep Husk area post quest completion. - Added a conditional skip to the drake trap QTE garment rip text to prevent dialogue repeats. - Fixed some instances of Upper Jungle jump pathing. - Prevented players from jumping down the well when the 0.3 tutorial segment is active. - Cooke’s movement will be skipped if Grove occupies a tile. - Blocked player from exiting the Dusty Mines via the secret passage when the Umerite chunk is in inventory. - Upon completion of the Desert Temple map, the player will be transferred to the Mercenary Camp map. - Fixed bug that prevented players from leaving the mill if the shimmering powder bomb was crafted, but no excess dust is present in one’s inventory before he completion of the fourth side quest. - Fixed instances of inconsistent colision with the slug nest plants. - Fixed bug that allowed the invader scene trigger to be repeated over and over. - Fixed erroneous slug encounter that allowed pets to participate in battle. - Various grammatical fixes. LINUX - Resolved an issue associated with the engine’s version of NW.JS and the ‘Bookmarks’ plugin, preventing the latter from operating. (Thanks Qazm!) MacOS - Build released for MacOS (tested on Monterey)
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.54 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide