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Grizzly Grove

Game Description:

Welcome to Grizzly Grove, where everything can happen. From ridiculous and over the top plots, cringy lines and bad english, to maybe find your true love? we’ll see.

You take the role of a 27 years old young man, named as Ryan McBright (name can be customized), who returns to his hometown, Grizzly Grove, a big Coastal city, after a 10 years abscense. 10 years ago you left your family’s house to live with your uncle after a very strong argument with your mother. You lived with him the last 10 years, finishing high school and then working for his business. And you could have your life apart from this city forever….

But you are not the type of guy that runs away. Eventually, you make the decision to come back, and with the help of your uncle, you rent an apartment on Grizzly and try to make your life here. Will you succeed? or will you return to your uncle’s house with your tail between your legs? it’s all up to you.

  • If you downloaded the zip version, just unzip and run the index.html file. It's a browser game, and the one I recommend using is Firefox, but I also tested it in Chrome, Opera, and Edge.
  • It's possible to get the offline version running on android. In order to do so these are the steps:
  • Download Joiplay and Rar (to open .rar files on android) from the play store. They are free.
  • Using your browser of choice, download the latest version of the game on (I used Chrome)
  • Once you download the game, Open the Rar app and open the downloaded .zip file. Extract and take note of the folder you extracted to.
  • Get back to joiplay, click on the "+" icon on the corner of the screen. Give a name to the game and tell it where is the HTML file (is on the folder you extracted in the prior step). Optional: you can find an icon for the game on the media/general folder
  • And that's it, the game can be started on joiplay.
Sex Worker Level 1 Storyline (Part 1: Dom route) Hello folks, this update corresponds to the 0.24 version of the game, the first part of the lvl1 storyline for Ursus. Here, you'll slowly descend to the hell of the internal war raging in Ursus, dealing with your deranged bosses and their conspirations. Only the dom side with Elric as Love interest have the complete five missions of level 1, the sub and neutral routes with Mack end at mission 2, and will be continued on the next update. Features
  • Updated the list of the Patreons on the Main screen. Thank you for your support, guys.
  • Added one new scene for Dominic Alvarez and six scenes for Will Armstrong to the VR Menu. As usual, they must be viewed at least once and unfortunately, are not retroactive, so you'll have to view them one more time for them to unlock.
  • Added "Taking a quick shower" option on the Ursus menu. As long as you have soap, you can get clean and recover some energy.
  • Added the first special task to advance the story on Ursus: Being a Cop is tough. On it you'll disguise as a cop, but there is a huge risk on this task. To access it, you'll need 10 job progress points and select the outside task option.
  • Starting from the second task, the storyline will diverge into three missions according to the attitude you had at the beginning:
    • Task 2 (Neutral Path): Final Cummination: Here, you'll attend a client... at the Woodland International Airport. So get your luggage ready! Be careful though, one wrong choice and you may have a one-way trip to the game over screen. This is the end for neutral content for this update, it will continue on the next updates.
    • Task 2 (Sub Path): Sub Test #1, You won't cum again: The sub test consists of getting locked in a chastity cage and attending 3 clients. The first client here is Dominic Alvarez along with his employee Fran. Do your best to keep them happy or it's game over. This is the end for neutral content for this update, it will continue on the next updates.
    • Task 2 (Dom Path): Dom Test #1: Awakening your inner demon: The dom test consists of taking a pill, that augments your attitude to Master. Easy? nope, there are nasty secondary effects varying from person to person and the challenge is to survive until the pill effects wear down. The pill awakened a demonic roommate in your head, named Darius, and he has plans for you too. If you manage to survive the first night with him, you'll gain him as an ally and probably won't get a game over.
  • Optional Sub Task: Trevor Strikes Back. After completing task 2 (on sub path) and completed successfully the task of the first day, you'll be given another task for Trevor. Mack does not like this task at all...
  • Optional Dom Task: A deal with a demon. After completing task 2 (on dom path) you'll be given another task for Elric. Here your friend Darius must take charge to complete the client's specific requirements.
  • After Task 2 on Sub path, you'll be locked on a chastity device, altering most of the sex encounters around the city, getting comments from your sex partners and some fights won't be available. You won't be able to progress through the Vear Fist Tournament until you take it off later. It's not recommended to save after mission 2 until the next update hits.
  • After Task 2 on Dom's path, Darius will be your partner, at least in your head. He'll add his impressions on almost everything, some fights and missions will be altered, and some encounters will be taken down by him (like the dom encounter in the mall restroom). Is worth noting that if you choose to proceed on Razor's storyline, he'll make your life a mess. He'll also comment on every fight in the Bear Fist tournament. Also, your attitude is locked to Master until the pill effects wear down.
  • The third task on the dom side, will take you to an interview with someone out to eliminate you. The odds are NOT in your favor, you must trust in your pal advice to get through this, or you won't see the light of day again. Also, your work as a slut must be flawless, or at least acceptable or it's game over too.
  • The Fourth task, will take you as hostage in an hostile environment and you'll face the man of the fourth task again, but now only one of you will survive, the loser will end as a slave, with his mind gone. You dominate, or it's game over.
  • The final task of the standard sex worker level, the fifth mission, have some very important choices that will shape your destiny at Ursus. For the first time ever, the life of another human will be in your hands, but the right choice is not as crystal clear as it always been.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a game-stopping bug when you finish the sentence in prison and you don't join Razor's gang. Now you can finish your sentence as you're supposed to
  • When you skip work on Ursus, the game didn't take account of it correctly, now it does. Additionally on Sundays the message "Late for work" should not appear (it still appears between 0:00 and 1:00 on Mondays, I'm still working on that)
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 356.80 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).