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Future Fragments

Game Description:

Travel to a threatening future and seek the fragments of a powerful weapon to defend your kingdom. Future Fragments is an adults-only, modern take on a platformer with genre-bending gameplay, full english voicework and a branching storyline with choices that actually matter.‚Äč
  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "Future Fragments.exe" to start playing.
  • Wine for Mac
  • Added small grace period where you are unable to shoot directly after finishing a cutscene (to prevent accidentally shooting the friendly NPC you just talked with)
  • Added quality of life feature where holding down X will let you skip past dialogue super quickly (so you don't have to mash X if you get stuck in a cutscene you just want to skip)
  • Made the game window freely resizable
  • Changed built-in screenshot functionality key to F11 for Steam build to avoid conflicting with Steam's screenshot function on F12
Save Slots:
  • Fixed bug where starting a new game would immediately overwrite the AUTO-SAVE slot
  • Fixed bug where Save Slot #9 specifically would not load correctly
  • Temporarily disabled Save Slot screenshot thumbnails due to them potentially causing issues on some systems when saving (reports of game freezing after saving)
  • Potentially Fixed bug where manually saving on the savepad would disable the "back"/"jump" button when playing with a controller
Golden Databanks:
  • Fixed bug where Gold Databanks would sometimes keep displaying as not collected (flashing) on the Mega Map, even after being collected
  • Fixed bug where the second Golden Databank on the Ice Level could leave the screen permanently white if you exited out of the databank at a specific point
Fire Level:
  • Changed P2M3 in the Volcanic Mines to avoid people getting stuck on the fan there
Ice Level:
  • Fixed issue where it was possible for a laser puzzle to save the wrong solution, potentially making further progress impossible
  • Fixed issue with snowball on ledge in P1M2 not always triggering
  • Fixed interactions and dialogue choices with Filadelfo V in P1M2
  • Fixed wrong name shown during Celodst Emperor defeat
  • Fixed ????? graphics during Wraith cutscene in P1M4
  • Fixed ????? name during Spartacus cutscene in P1M5
  • Fixed ????? name during return to Save Pad scenes
Electric Level:
  • Added Abandoned Bot Cutscene in P6M5 (missing voice for now)
  • Added ????? Cutscene before the level
  • Added ????? Cutscene when entering the level
  • Fixed issue where the 10th powerup on this level was not obtainable
  • Fixed Veteran Grunt dialogue and audio mismatch in P5M2
  • Fixed Faye scene in P2M2 considering you to have ignored her in P3M3, even after you've talked to her in P3M3
  • Removed bugged scene in P6M5
Earth Level:
  • Fixed issue with Ice Charged Shot not interacting correctly with the moving earth platforms
  • Removed dev text in P5M4
  • Removed Vie appearance and unneeded "spawn scene" after defeating Mainframe
The End Level:
  • Added Realm Portal icons to the Mega Map to help with navigating around The End level
  • Added small placeholder line to WREN battle so players know what to do there, until full scene is added
  • Fixed bug where sometimes it was possible to collect all 9 Fragments, but it was still not possible to progress past "The Great Leap".
  • Fixed bug where Vie would follow you into The End level even if you had not collected all the Fragments, which made it impossible to get the "Bad" ending.
  • Fixed bug where Health Orbs could only be picked up in the "Real" world/realm
  • Fixed Mega Map rendering issue on The End level where movable tiles would be rendered on top of the map highlighting, rather than below the highlighting as intended
  • Implemented missing achievement "Find and use all four Save Pads in this level."
  • Implemented missing achievement "Beat all 8 forms of enemies at least once."
  • Renamed level from outdated "Brane Maze" name to correctly be called "The End/Catacombs" on all in-game menus
  • Changed rooms 18 and 19 to link together to allow for smoother travel around map
Multiple Levels:
  • Added Timer-based help Cutscenes for all four In-Between Modules (missing voice for now)
  • Temporarily removed Faye Nodes in Uncharted Wildwoods and The End until next patch
Final Boss area:
  • Added unique music track for the "Bad" ending.
  • Added small set of placeholder lines during Phase 2.5 intermission so Vie can clarify context of what's going on until we get finalized text in there
  • Fixed bug where the final boss fight could crash midway through on systems that can't run shaders
  • Fixed bug where the final boss fight would display the incorrect keybinding for certain prompts
  • Fixed bug where there were two Talias on screen at once during a cutscene sequence near the end of the game
  • Fixed bug in the Lab where a portal would be rendered partially below the large background prop
  • Removed all other placeholder text during True Final Boss Fight
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.52 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide


GALLERY UNLOCK INSTALLATION: Slap this in your appdataroamingfuture_fragments folder and you should be good.