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Furotic VR

Game Description:

Furry VR simulator
(VR Only)​

  • Extract and run.
New Spawn Points + Animations! In this month's build I’ve added thirteen new spawn points, with five new animation sequences!
  • [Sunroom] Blowjob
  • [Sunroom] Doggystyle
  • [Master Bed] Doggystyle
  • [Master Bed] Blowjob
  • [Master Bed] Missionary
  • [Guestroom] Missionary
  • [Guestroom] Doggystyle
  • [Backyard] Bent Over Garage (Macro)
  • [Backyard] Doggystyle (Macro)
  • [Backyard] Pussy Pleasure (Macro)
  • [Pool] Blowjob (Macro)
  • [Garage] Blowjob
  • [Garage] Blowjob on Car
I’ve also added a new ‘None’ option when selecting avatars so you can animate an avatar solo! This allows you to take the place of the giver or receiver in an animation, for example. Note that you still won’t have a body, but I figured for now something was better than nothing as far as being more than just a passive observer in these things. Please note, I don’t yet have a penetration system implemented, which means you’re going to see dicks doing funny things like sticking through the backs of people’s heads. Fixing this is a high priority for me, but I didn’t want to delay the update further to get it in there as it may take a month to implement. Also, I don’t yet have Final IK implemented, which means I can’t pin hands and feet to the ground properly, so those are gonna float around a bit too. New Sound Effects! Each character now has breathing, heartbeat, and stomach sound effects attached to them! These were hastily added, so don’t expect too much yet. There is one male and one female breathing sound, and one heartbeat sound, and they do not change with increased activity. I already have the sounds for that, but I still need to implement arousal mechanics, or at least a means to swap the sounds as I change states. Soon enough, the heartbeat will speed up and the breathing will become louder and they’ll start to grunt and moan and such! Also, I’m sure you’ll notice the sounds are a bit quiet on the macros. I still need to write some scripts which adjust the minimum radius / volume of the sounds as the characters scale. That’ll be coming soon as well. For now I’ve tried to set the sound to a happy medium and I’ll refine it later when I write the code to control it. And because the breathing sounds come from the mouth, and I don’t yet have code to open them when you put your hands near, and because the vore enthusiasts deserve something, I’ve set all the avatars to have their mouths open by default for the time being. Adjusted Character Proportions! Now that all the avatars are the same height as the player by default, it came to my attention that their heads were smaller than they should be, so I’ve adjusted those slightly. For the rabbit I also scaled his ears up a bit, and scaled his chest down slightly to reduce the size of his head and correct the length of his arms, which were longer than any of the other avatar’s arms and led to his hands penetrating things they shouldn’t. Final IK should help with slightly different character proportions in the future, but for now this was the easiest solution. Heightmaps! For the micros among us, I’ve added heightmaps to some of the textures like the cobblestones, rugs and cloth, and the floor planks on the porch. The effect is subtle but it does help make the surfaces look less flat when up close. Sadly there’s an issue with the shader where it doesn’t like rendering heightmaps on large polygons where the normals differ greatly across the surface, so I wasn’t able to add it to the grass at this time. I did end up buying a fast fur shader that I tried out on the grass, but it also didn’t work well on the large polygons, being clipped away up close to the camera. And because it uses polygon shells, like most fur shaders do to render strands, it doesn’t look good when you’re small anyway. Known Issues + Future Changes Here’s a rundown of issues I’m aware of, and thoughts on those, and on future updates. The lack of a penetration system is causing obvious issues with dicks poking through heads and not going into holes and such, but there’s no point in updating a hundred animations to make it look better when the penetration shader will do the work for me once I get that set up, so that’s on the list of things I want to implement asap. Besides the dicks, there’s a lot of clipping going on in the animations because they were made for humans with human proportions, and all the models I’m using themselves have varying body proportions. Eventually I’ll adjust the animations to attempt to improve this, but in the future when I implement IK I may be able to resolve some of these issues using that. But for now it’s just something we gotta live with. Speaking of IK, you’ll notice the hands and feet are not being pinned to the ground in most of the animations. IK will eventually fix that. IK will also allow me to use all of the animations I have. I’ve got a bunch I’ve set up all the states for, but can’t use yet in many places because they don’t align well with the world geometry. For example, the reason the doggystyle animation where one character leans on a bed or the garage isn’t used anywhere except the garage and the guest room is because every other surface besides that bed was too low to to use without scaling the characters slightly, and scaling them only slightly would look weird. Thankfully for the garage I could make the avatars really big and not worry too much about the scale, but that was the only other place I could really make use of that particular animation for now. Once I’ve fully integrated Final IK into the game, I’ll be able to do things like adjust the hip height per spawn point, which in turn will bend the knees of the characters and allow me to align them better with surfaces. I’ll also be able to bend elbows as needed. So, I’d really like to get IK working soon! You’ll find the kneeling BJ animation in the garage is a little bugged. It’s just a rogue animation in the loop somewhere that needs to be removed, but I didn’t want to delay the update just to fix it. It’ll be resolved by the next update. Speaking of animations, that coffee table in the living room has got to go! I’m not sure what to do with it honestly, but when I went to place animations in the living room the damn coffee table was getting in the way of most of them. Removing it or even adjusting its size will require me to re-bake all the lighting, but that has the potential to break every time I do it, and I didn’t want to risk delaying the new build further. I could have characters have sex on the coffee table, but I think the couch would be a lot more comfortable! Another issue which I mentioned earlier is the breathing and heartbeat sounds don’t change and aren’t randomized at all. You’ll notice the avatars breathing in sync a lot of the time. Switching the characters can help with this when it happens because the audiosource isn’t restarted on the one that remains visible, but obviously adding a lot more variety here is on my to-do list. No, the avatars aren’t possessed! You may notice sometimes the character’s eyes will roll back into their heads when you swap spawn points. Thankfully this doesn’t happen too often. I’m not sure exactly what causes it yet, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the eye script activating before the avatar has changed fully into their new pose. I think it’s trying to look at you with the back of the eyeballs. Swapping the spawn point to another and back a few times seems to fix this when it happens. I’ll be looking into it. No pun intended! Avert thy gaze! I’m well aware the avatars are following you with their gaze constantly. This messes with the blowjob animations, and it makes it difficult to climb inside their mouths. It’s something I intend to fix as soon as I can. The simplest fix would be to add a checkbox to my spawn point script that disables it when necessary, though a more sophisticated solution would involve setting it on a per-state level in the animator so it can be disabled only when they’re actively giving a BJ for example. Of course that’s an incomplete fix because it doesn’t solve the problem of when you’re small and you want to climb into their mouth and they’re constantly trying to look down at you. For that I may need to implement a distance based check which scales with the avatar and checks the distance of your head from theirs. Though that might cause other problems, so I’ll need to think about it some more. Recently on Twitter (which you should be following if you’re not because I sometimes post small updates there), I put up a poll asking about whether people would like to swap the male and female genitalia. The results were unexpected! A lot fewer people than I thought, only 25%, wanted to be able to swap to more human-like dicks, and a lot more than I thought, around 55%, wanted a more anthro option for the vag. Unfortunately, while I have a more human-like version of the Zawoo dick I can potentially swap in, and swapping dicks is relatively easy, there’s no rigged anthro vag model I know of available. In any case, swapping the vag will be more difficult, as barring modifying all the models to add one, which is way more work than I can do on my own, the only way to implement it would be to design the vag so it can slip over the existing one. Thinking about it now though, I suppose I could use cutout mode in the material to mask out parts of the original vag. But, I still don’t have a model for it, nor do I have the funds to license or commission an artist to make one at this time, nor do I have the time to model one myself at the moment. With the number of spawn points increasing, it’s clear the current setup with a simple drop down list isn’t well suited to the task of allowing you to pick poses quickly. In the future I’d like to implement an icon based approach where you see the characters in blue and pink silhouettes similar to kama-sutra posters. Those would be automatically generated at runtime from the list of available animations. So in some future update I’m gonna need to overhaul the menus!
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 734.5 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).