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Forest of the Blue Skin

Game Description:

Forest of the Blue Skin or FOBS is an action platforming hentai game currently in development by a guy named Zell23
While the story at the center of the village, to capture the monster and bring to the village.” Such as making it to flow.

Version Difference:

Because of size limitations of the engine the game is made on, the game is made with different version types, the newest type has the newest content (but you have to play the prior version type for abilities, etc.).
You could interpret the version type like episodes or something similar.

The characters you catch won’t transfer onto the newer version, just the abilities. There is the exception that the release of version B didn’t have that much content yet so he added only some of the prior version’s characters there.


Default Keyboard Controls:
*These controls can be changed by clicking “Settings” and then “Keyboard Settings” on the top of the window. This is only visable if you are not in fullscreen mode*

Right/Left Arrow: Movement, Struggle out of grabs.
Up Arrow: Enter Door/Portal/Pathway, Use Save-point, Stand up if lying down.
Down Arrow: Capture stunned monster, Initiate sexy time with captured monster at your house.
A: Attack.
X: Jump.
W: Set your health to 1 and your semen meter to 95%. This also makes you instantly ejaculate if you are currently being grappled by a monster.
Space: Open the collectibles menu. This is also the only way to pause the game.
F4: Toggle Full screen.
Esc: Quit the game. (instantly)

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "fobs-v116a.exe" to start playing.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 62.9 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

100% save v1.02

From left to right the doors are captured monsters(CG), shortcuts,
"start" after "start" each door leads to a different area, sometimes there is the background slightly darker or the bottom changes (blue grass). You have to capture all enemies (one of each specimen), each enemy has a different technic for example you have to hit the slime enemy 3 times and then she has a "!" and you can capture her. To trigger sex either you go to the "CG" portal and press "down" on a monster or you let the enemy walk into you/jump on you/ or sometimes something else. With "space" you can see your abilities which you get from captured monsters.

monster skills

  1. Green boost: Passive. Faster movement speed. Obtained from tribal girl

  2. Slime wall: Up arrow key + A. Summons a slime wall that stops most things. Obtained from slime girl

  3. Dash: Down arrow key + A. Performs a short dash in the direction your character is facing. Bypasses most girls and thin barriers. Obtained from kappa girl

  4. Voice bazooka: Up arrow key + A. Shouts a Dragonborn impression. Obtained from yamabiko girl

  5. Double jump: A key in the air. Self-explanatory. Obtained from brown bunny girl

  6. Hammer: Hold up arrow key + A. Powerful hammer swing. Can destroy certain blocks. Obtained from kobold girl

  7. Art of change: Down arrow key + A, hold A to stay in rock form. Hides yourself from girls' sight. Obtained from kitsune girl

  8. Wild slash: Passive. Doubles your attack's range. Obtained from red cat girl


  1. A — Has a skills (detailed in the section above)

  2. B — Has a bonus animation that can be obtained via a collectible panel

  3. D — Has defeat animation (continues to rape after 0 health)

  4. G — Has game over animation (special animation on the game over screen)

  5. X — Can't be captured

Monsters list of my current game progress

  1. 『Forest zone』

  2. Go to the rightmost portal, than go right

  3. Slime girl: AD

  4. Hit her until she becomes an immobile blob, then hit her so she shows her !

  5. Forest dweller girl: ABD

  6. Green elf chick with a mask. Hit her until she's on the ground, walk up to her and complete her sex animation, then she'll show her !

  7. Bonus panel:

  8. Located in the first Tree zone. There is a hidden room to the right of the forest dweller girl under the Save Point

  9. Ant girl: DG

  10. Have sex with another monster girl while she is nearby. When she is masturbating, escape the sex and hit her, and she'll be !

  11. Monkey girl: B

  12. Hit her when she finishes her dash attack, then run away. Repeat until she is defeated, then she'll be !

  13. Bonus panel:

  14. Located in the Haunted Manor zone in the room with the press trap girls. After the first two press trap girls there should be a path with a heart block at the top, double jump and the panel will be in that room

  15. Kappa girl: ABDG

  16. Green girl with a turtle shell. Jump over her when she is dashing and hit her rear, and she'll be !

  17. Bonus panel:

  18. In the Haunted Manor with the mummies, cum on all 5 immobile mummies (there is one in a hidden path to the right on the second floor), then grab the panel on the bottom floor

  19. Suiko girl: DX

  20. Pale bluish-white girl with a blue dress and a tail. You can't dash past her unless she's attacking. Has an instant death vore animation

  21. White bunny girl: B

  22. Have sex with another monster girl while she is watching, then have sex again while she is watching to show her !

  23. Bonus panel:

  24. In the room with the two suiko girls, double jump over the cliff to the right

  25. 『Tree zone』

  26. In the room with the white rabbit girls, climb up the right side and jump over the hidden gap at the top to get to the door

  27. Mushroom girl: D

  28. Masturbate and cum on her three times to show her !. Dash past them to get by them normally

  29. Tree dweller girl:

  30. Has a Santa hat and big boobs. Masturbate and wait for her to sneak around, then move and smack her when she comes up. Repeat until she shows her !

  31. Slug girl: BD

  32. When she lifts her body to charge at you, dash into her. You'll now enter into a special animation that's instant death if you let it finish. Escape out of it, then she'll be !. Note that if you press the up arrow key, you'll exit out of the animation without properly "escaping", so remember to just use the left and right arrow keys

  33. Bonus Panel:

  34. In the Ruins zone where you need the hammer to break the blocks, there will be an off-color tile on the ceiling. Jump through and get the panel in that room

  35. 『Swamp zone』

  36. After defeating the monkey girl, the portal will take you to the upper levels of the second Forest zone area. Follow the path to the right, then dash through the barrier to the dark blue grass. Press the up arrow key to enter

  37. Zombie girl: D*

  38. When her spit gets on you, spam your attack button, and she should be on the ground with a !. If you have the yamabiko shout, you can use that when she spits to make it easier

  39. * Defeat animation only plays at the gallery

  40. Swamp lizard girl:

  41. Masturbate and charge up your pleasure meter until it's almost full, get her to jump up, quickly cum on her and hit her tail from behind. Repeat until her tail falls off and she's on the ground with a !

  42. Preta girl:

  43. Purple girl with a big tummy. Masturbate and cum on her, then spam the slime girl's ability. If you do it right, she'll hit the wall and become !

  44. White hunter girl: X

  45. She throws projectiles that linger on the ground. If you touch them you'll be stuck until she grabs you

  46. 『Desert zone』

  47. Go to the rightmost portal, then go left

  48. Red cat girl: ADG

  49. Fill your pleasure meter to almost full, then hit her and let her pounce on you. Finish the animation, then she'll be !

  50. Cat mage girl: D

  51. When she charges up her big spell, repeatedly hit the glowing ball until it explodes on her and she shows her !

  52. Brown bunny girl:

  53. Equip the forest dweller girl's skill, then chase her and hit her. Run back to avoid her pounce. Repeat until she trips and shows her !

  54. Yamabiko girl: ABDG

  55. Hit her until she starts sending hearts at you. Get hit by one, making sure you're far away enough to escape. When you escape, spank her behind, and she'll be !

  56. Bonus panel:

  57. After defeating the black wolf girl, double jump up the ledge to the right and get the panel

  58. 『Beach zone』

  59. Go through the upper path of the Desert zone, then through the upper portal in the room with the cat mage girls

  60. Scylla girl: X

  61. Looks kinda like an octopus. Has an instant death unbirthing animation. Cannot dash past her unless she is jumping.

  62. Killer shark girl: X

  63. If you attack her she'll shoot bubbles at you, which immobilize you if you're caught in their explosion

  64. 『Temple zone』

  65. In the area with the yamabiko girl, head to the right and dash through the thin barrier

  66. Rocket golem girl:

  67. When she's charging her rocket fist, hit her with the wild slash ability until she gets stunned and !

  68. Cat thief girl: A

  69. You'll need a full life bar. Keep hitting her until she's sitting on the ground, making sure you don't get hit once. Masturbate, and she should start begging you to have sex with her. Oblige her, and when the animation finishes you should be on low health, but she'll be !

  70. Little devil girl: D

  71. Masturbate until your pleasure meter is almost full. Hit her and block her projectile with a slime wall. Repeat until she's on the ground, and quickly cum on her before she disappears to show her !.

  72. Clay golem girl:

  73. Tall girl wrapped in bandages. Located in the room through the off-color tiles in the alcove before the Save Point in the hallway of rocket golem girls. Masturbate and cum on her, then while she's stunned hit her with the yamabiko shout twice to get her !

  74. Kobold girl: A

  75. Keep masturbating and cumming on her until her "..." goes away, then when you get your cum on her masturbate next to her and she'll pounce on you. Finish the animation and she'll be !

  76. Fox girl: A

  77. Escape her when she captures you the first time, then hit her. Dodge her falling rock, then hit the rock exactly 10 times. When the stars appear over the rock, hit it with the hammer, and she'll be !

  78. Red ghost girl: GX

  79. To get to her, you need to activate the three crystals located throughout the Ruins area. To get past her, follow her until she stops, then turn into rock with art of change. Turn back and follow when she starts moving again. When she gives you enough room to jump up to the ledge, quickly change to the lop-eared bunny girl's skill and double jump up. Has an instant death animation

  80. 『Temple zone』

  81. The area past the red ghost girl

  82. Fairy girl:

  83. Hit her, dash behind her and her projectile, then quickly switch to the kobold hammer and hit her to get her !

  84. Black wolf girl:

  85. Use the voice bazooka to wake her up, then switch to the hammer. Get caught by her and escape, then hit her with the hammer. Repeat twice more to get her !

  86. 『Ranch zone』

  87. After you first teleport to the desert zone, there should be a breakable wall directly to the right. Break it with the hammer then dash through

  88. Cow girl:

  89. Use the voice bazooka to get rid of her music notes until she gets mad, then cum on her and she'll be !

  90. Pipe fox girl: X

  91. Starts out as a green pipe. If you hit it it'll go flying and she'll come out and dash around the area

  92. 『Haunted Manor Floor 1 zone』

  93. Collect the Black Panel, then equip it and go back to your bed. Enter the purple portal

  94. Doll girl: X

  95. In the first door of the Haunted Manor, there's a room with three of them. Defeat all of them to open up a portal at the opposite end of the room

  96. Mummy girl: DG

  97. Cum on all 5 immobile mummies (there is one in a hidden path to the right on the second floor), then grab the panel on the bottom floor. When you hear a ding, go back and she'll be there with a !. Has an instant death animation

  98. Little ghoul girl:

  99. Fap in front of her and let her start her sex animation. Let it finish, then fap in front of her again and let her finish again. Wait a bit, then she should have a !

  100. Press trap girl: X

  101. Once she hits the ground, you can pass her

  102. Gas trap girl: X

  103. Avoid the gas to get past and reach Floor 2

  104. 『Haunted Manor Floor 2 zone』

  105. Just go through Floor 1 and you'll eventually reach here

  106. Lantern girl:

  107. Floats around and is transparent and intangible. Will occasionally drop a goo thing towards you that will get you stuck; she is vulnerable then. Hit her twice, then masterbate and cum on her when she is tangible so she's !. Defeat all three of them in the room to open the door with a lantern on top

  108. Pink slime girl: X

  109. Slowly crawls and around and launches bouncing slime balls

  110. Big bat girl:

  111. Accessed via a cracking floor tile in the pink slime girl room. Stands still until you're close enough, where she'll disappear and launch herself toward you from behind. Just defeat her normally to get her !

  112. Sleeping sheep girl:

  113. Hit her shield repeatedly for a bit then stop so she'll use her seduction attack. Let the animation finish, then masturbate and cum on her. She should use her seduction attack again, so let the animation finish and then she'll be !

  114. 『Misc』

  115. Other stuff

  116. Bench wolf girl:

  117. A marker for unfinished areas. Get your own by masturbating next to here, then letting her finish her sex animation. When she's done, she'll have a !. She'll not be located in the actual gallery, instead she'll be past the far right portal at home

  118. Bonus panel:

  119. Defeat the big bat girl and activate the switch near her to deactivate the force field in the Haunted Mansion Floor 2 zone to get access to the panel. To see the bonus animation in the "gallery" masturbate next to her until she starts masturbating herself. Press down and enjoy!