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Flexible Survival

Game Description:

Its storyline is based in a not-too-distant past of 2008, containing science fiction elements about a nanite-based virus outbreak and its mutation-inducing consequences. The game is based on roleplay and classic hack’n’slash combat, supporting both a web interface as well as a standard MU* telnet client.‚Äč

  • Extract and run "git.exe" which can be found in release folder.
  • Select "Flexible Survival.gblorb" or "Wave of Change v1-2, Based On F.gblorb" to play.
Alexandra (Good): You can now observe as Alexandra, Paula, Jimmy, and Penelope get a bit of exercise in. [Prometheus] Altus: You can now have penetrative sex with Altus when he is needy. Both giving and receiving. [Prometheus] Angelo: The latin lover of the satyr frat has further content, in which you can push him to start transforming into a satyr. (Up to growing a tail and hooves+furry legs now.) [Wahn] Ariel: Save a strange mute girl from her prison in the Urban Forest. Then as her feelings for you deepen, help her find a way to act on them. [Emerald] Baron: New iguana shaman in the lizardman village. Will have item quests later. For now he's open to fun with those with the right equipment! (neuter npc) [Voidsnaps] Capybara: Muddy big boy wants to wrestle. [Voidsnaps] Daphne: The campus nymph has gotten some nice new artwork and another expansion of her written content. [Fuxi] Gwen: Gwen, the third soldier in the squad protecting Meredith can no return from her secret mission , along with the option to nudge her transformation towards centaur or succubus. Comments from other squad members' comments should reflect this.(Requires Hazel to be at the library.) J'Reth: J'Reth's friends now comment a bit should the draco-mantis be female. [Prometheus] Kosk: The gateguard to the lizardman village. Get on his good side to unlock some exhibitionist scenes and access to the village! [Voidsnaps] Raymond: Expanded for submissive players who allow themselves to fully become his infection. Quest start is in but leads nowhere yet. [Voidsnaps] Segis: The draconic android has received another couple of new scenes, mutual masturbation and foot worship. Additionally, his oral and fucking scenes were slightly edited to reflect both his currently available personalities and some of his upgrades. [Gherod] Sinking Swamps: New explorable area! Sinking Swamps. Includes 3 new enemies, 3 new npcs, and an exploration event. More will be added over time! [Voidsnaps] Sitatunga: Swamp antelope male and female variants! Unique scenes for each.[Voidsnaps] Suspicious Package: Tentacle content in the swamps. Eggs for one gender, fun for the other. [Voidsnaps] Uram: Sinking Swamp's resident daddy orog (orc variant. Male lactation included!). [Voidsnaps] Bugfixes & Balance Patches Callidora: Callidora's first event should now trigger properly now that it's completion isn't a preqrequisite for it activating in the first place. Colleen: Colleen should now be able to talk about Gwen. Football Wolfmen: Septus should again become inaccessible (as planned) if you go down certain routes of the questline. Frank: He should now again infect with the right infection. Hellish Trashpile Event: The imp in this event won't refer to Skarnoth anymore. Lux & Umbra: Lux and Umbra's growing up is now tracked differently and should carry over between versions. Pregnancy and Birth: The "special" NPC children should not overlap with feral births caused by the "Wild Womb" feat anymore.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 520.6 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide