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Game Description:

FarmD is a NSFW furry VR game where you engage in some lewd shenanigans with your dragon friend. It also has a desktop mode for people who don’t have all the fancy VR gear.

  • Extract and run.
[desktop/vr] CHANGED - The partner's cock no longer automatically unsheaths when entering the facesitting or partner-on-top riding positions, since there is no need for it. - Increased the jump height slightly so you can free yourself from the stalls in the stable if you end up inside one. (for real this time) - Ambient audio no longer plays during the initial startup of the game, before the profile is loaded and audio settings are applied. - Footstep audio now plays when landing from a fall/jump, strafing, and when walking on the cliff rocks. - Tweaked some fluid render settings to look a little nicer. - Cleaned up a few more unused files that were taking up space in the build. FIXED - Fixed an agent navigation issue that was allowing your partner to be able to walk through the walls in the stable in some scenarios. - Fixed a bug where some flags were not getting reset when changing species, which could cause the game to think a character incorrectly had a cock or pussy after changing to a species that didn't. - Fixed some scenarios where a character's breast size was getting set or reset incorrectly, such as when changing between save files or changing body types. - Fixed some minor single-frame glitching with the partner's head during some animation transitions. - Fixed the title screen and play-mode prompt not appearing correctly, if the VR option "Mirror to Desktop" had previously been disabled. - Fixed some issues that could occur when riding on a saddle while your partner is in Follow mode. - Fixed lighting settings not being applied on the title screen, causing it to be too bright. - Fixed some minor texture errors on the female fox. - Fixed a bug where changing the "Always show on startup" checkbox on the initial prompt was not properly being saved to the profile and would be reverted for the next play session. - The player model now correctly has the default skin applied when launching the game with no save files. - Fixed belly bulges which got broken in 1.4.5. - Fixed some visible seams showing up slightly on partner's cock. - Fixed some minor material/texture issues with parts of the farmhouse exterior and walls. [desktop] FIXED - Fixed some odd animation transitions that could occur with the player when receiving a facial in the Servicing position. - Fixed some animation issues in the player-on-top Servicing and player-on-top Missionary positions, where climaxing and pulling out after vaginal / male-slit penetration would result in the partner's hips being oriented incorrectly. - Fixed an animation issue in the player-on-top Riding position that was causing the partner to thrust their hips when they should be sitting passively. - Fixed an animation issue in the player-on-top Riding position that caused the player's spine to get scrunched at faster speeds. [vr] ADDED - Added support for a command-line parameter `-launchvr`, which will launch directly into VR mode regardless of saved play mode settings. This also allows the Steam launch option for VR mode to work properly, when selected from the main library or through the SteamVR library window. CHANGED - The camera and screen now appear closer to you when spawned. FIXED - The VR keyboard is now correctly deactivated if the menu tablet is closed while the keyboard is active. - Fixed a bug where the VR keyboard would no longer work properly for editing input fields, after having been used to edit the input field on a color picker. - The player's hair now renders correctly in the mirror and VR camera prop.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.11 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).