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Engaging Destiny

Game Description:

You play as Calen, a new knight fresh from his accolade, as he leaves with his long-time mentor, Warrick, on a mission for King Beramond. Explore the town, interact with the townspeople and find all sorts of hidden goodies while Calen strives to be the best knight he can be. Though, this knight’s values might be a little off, thanks to his voyeuristic tendencies.‚Äč

  • Extract and run.
Major Updates! => Bathhouse Updates! - We ran short on time for the initial launch to put this stuff in, and this was a major focus for us during September. The bathhouse is a bit more involved now. - There is now a special scene with each of the main 5 guys involving the bathhouse once it's repaired! - Several other NPCs will now go to the bathhouse once it's repaired. => Accolade updates! - The Accolades all have images to go along with them! - More accolades have been added to be unlocked! => New scenes to be unlocked! => Android and MAC builds! - We have included builds for Android and OSx, but, as with the PC version, we strongly recommend testing the demo version before purchasing the full build to make sure it is compatible with your device. - For Android builds, you can cycle through the items by clicking on the item box (we forgot to add this to the help menu!). => Title Screen Updates! - You might notice something new about the title screen depending on the actions you make within the game. => Game Crash Handler. - There are times when the game might throw an error and freeze things completely. We've added a feature that when this happens now, you should get an error message, and the game will force close. When this happens, it creates a file called player.log in the save directory with notes on the issue that you can submit to us to help us determine and fix the cause of the crash. This is for MAC and PC builds. Android only prints the message to the screen. Other Updates: => Typo fixes galore! => Various minor bug fixes. => Various visual enhancements (some areas look nicer, extra props and critters added) => Save files are now encrypted/decrypted => NPC movement updates! Many of the NPCs now have new movement scripts depending on the time of day and other variables. => Added new sprite! Teodore has joined the NPCs and can be found in the Rustic Ore tavern! => Added new pets! Some of the folks in Faranel have pets with them now that you can see or interact with! =>The bard plays his music! If you approach the Bard, you'll find his music gets louder, and he will play his final ballad for you at the end of his quest! => The blacksmith now moves between hammering at his anvil and standing in front of it. => New dialog options with our large cave friend to help players with his quests. => New dialog to help with the Runestone puzzle in Moorsh Grotto. => New shortcut added in the cave wall when you find the Big Mushroom. - This was a bit of a fail-safe I added for players since some folks reported getting trapped by an invisible barrier. One you find the big mushroom, there's a hidden wall to the left that will lead the player to the entrance of the cave, just in case this happens!
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 156.0 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).