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Dungeon of Oblivion

Game Description:

Hisou Katagi is a massive turboweeb. A true one, one of *those*.
You know?
The kind that facepalms my jokes on the hentai cringe games, defends absolute degeneracy like its his god-given duty, etc?
The kind that thinks Shinji Ikari is a role model?
Yeah, that kind. Even the other weebs bully him. He’s too far gone.
Thing is?
Hisou is a massive lolicon, too. One day, after finishing his newest RPGMaker “ntr bait” woman humiliation game,
he decided it was a good idea to actually fuck his own little sister in order to try and make her addict to his dick.
Just like in his games. Reality and fiction are kinda blurred when weebs are gone this far, yo.
Miraculously just before he carries out his plan, Hisou is actually struck by a truck! What a coincidence!
Or is it?

  • Extract and run.
### Added - Whenever Hisou tries to eat food, if his intelligence is too low, he might miss to even eat and drop the food instead. [MediocrePocketRat] - Added new [Hairstyle]: Straight Bob. - Added new [Clothing Item]: Tank Top. - Added new [Clothing Item]: Shorts. - Added new [Traps]: Clothes Changer. - Added new [Traps]: Hairstyle Changer. Gotta find a better name for these lmao ### Fixed - Chest Jail [MediocrePocketRat] - Statue Jail [MediocrePocketRat] - Game Terminates upon clicking the middle of the screen [Uncredited] - Hisou now (tries) to eat his food every time it's clicked. - A stupid bug prevented the hit SFX to appear when the Goblin hits. It's now fixed. ### Changed - Waiting now restores 10% health, but subtracts a random value between 1 and 5 to either Hunger or Thirst. [Brexter], [MediocrePocketRat] - Fixed a weird calculation on the wardrobe destroyer method that was just begging to become a nasty bug. - Chests now have a 15% chance to be trapped, down from 30%. - Breast and Dick physics engine changed due to some sort of weird bug with the Unity Burst library. Shouldn't be too different, though. - Since I've received numerous reports that the chest opening animations are boring, I did away with them. Now the chests open directly on the field. - Enemies now fluff their stats via floor number instead of Hisou's own stats. Should make for much easier fights in the first few floors and scale decently. [Softbirb] ### Removed - Temporarily removed Chest opening animations. ### Known Issues - Physics Engine is wonky as all the single goddamn fucks. It doesn't reinitialize upon changing clothes. I know. I'm pissed.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 318.08 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).